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You're Not Like All The Rest.
Story published January 3, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 283 pages · 5,862 readers · 62,222 reads
1 - A Memory
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1 - A Memory

        I watched as the dark figure left me laying on the cold pavement. He looked frightened and afraid; the adam's apple pressing against his neck gulped deeply and he turned towards me. 
        "Stay safe, alright?" He breathed down the blankets that were bounded tightly around my small fragile body. A man advanced on my father slowly and he turned around suddenly. 
        "You..." Whispered a voice. 

        I couldn't see a thing of course, but I heard everything. Tons of mumbles and fierce grumbles from the two people gathered above me. He had placed me into the bushes beyond his encounter. I could see him facing a new man... accusing him of many things. 
        "You turned them in... didn`t you?" He spoke.
        "So what if I did?" The other spoke in a hoarse voice. 
        "How could you...?" He breathed, sounding a tad more offended.
        After that they began getting into things that I couldn't understand... a strange language he had not spoken to me in before today. It was a while before others gathered to witness the fight. I couldn't see anything from my position but heard screams and many flashes of light.
        Then the corner became quiet; and still. Not even a mouse made a noise. I wondered if maybe I was completely alone... coincidentally I was. 


        I must have fallen asleep. It was the only possible way for everything to have blacked out like that. I sat up in my bundle of blankets and looked around the street corner. I was in a different place... slightly on the street now. The burning home that was behind me had blown out in the October wind. 
       I didn't exactly know what was happening but I could see a steep dark figure making it's way out of the front yard of the house. He was buried in his own sobs. He was holding a blanket; wrapping around something. He was crying over the little bundle's body, cradling it in his arms.
        I felt sympathetic... an emotion i'd never felt nor tuned into before. This was very strange for my young mind. I saw the figure kneel on the pavement and let out a short cry. 
        "There there," Hummed a deep voice.
        Looking up I saw a man, at least two times the height of a normal man, and at least five times as wide. He appeared dark in the dimly lit streets, with a curly matted beard that covered his face.
        "I thought you would come." The dark figure spoke.
        "Is he alive?" The huge man asked in a hoarse voice.
        "He's fine... but... he survived...?" The one in black said in disbelief; handing the bundle of blankets to the giant man.
        "I'll take him to Dumbledore. He'll know what to do." The tall one spoke and disappeared into the clouds of smoke remains from the fire.

        The dark man stood up and wiped the running mucus from his nose. I crawled towards him, trying to get his attention. If anyone knew where my father had gotten off to it'd be this person.
        The man in black stared down; quite startled. "Who are you?" He said suddenly, reaching down to pick me up. "Another survivor?" 
        "Dad." I spoke promptly, attempting to ask where my father had gone. "Dad." I spoke again.
        "Dad?" He asked. I could finally see his face, he was a young man, with a rather pale face. His pointed nose luminated by the nearest street lamp... and his grey eyes dull, but full of life. Though he was sad... tears stained his cheeks and he looked like he had lost a loved one. "I'm... not your Dad..." He said.
        "Dad." I replied again. It was the only thing I could pronounce right now, my throat closed up and I felt the tears begin to flow out of my eyes. "Daddy..." 
        "Shh, don't cry." The young man panicked, cradling the second little one he'd held tonight. He began rocking me back and forth. I felt peaceful with myself a little more and I snuggled into his dark coat. "Dad." I cooed.
       The man's heart felt warm for the first time in a long while, he reached down and brought the blankets toward me. "Come home with me," He began. "I'll take care of you." 
        I rested my head against his chest and fell into a deep sleep; trusting this complete stranger with my life. 

Copyright (c) - Miranda Skye - 2O12

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