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Just A Child. (A Gaara Fanfic)
Story published January 4, 2012 · updated 6 months ago · 60 pages · 10,984 readers · 27,976 reads
1. Prologue
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1. Prologue

The three of them were gathered in the kitchen now, with the Fujin family, including Rin, in the living room of their mansion on the Kazekage estate.

Kankuro glanced back into the living room, and grimaced when he saw that the Fujin couple were quietly talking to each other in low hushes. Michiyo was possessively holding on to Rin.

“Be patient. Baki-sensei’s on his way here right now.” Temari muttered, warily looking into the living room herself. It oddly didn't look right to see Rin in the lap of her mother.

“Why the hell are they here?” Kankuro hissed, slowly losing it. It made absolutely no sense. Why the sudden declaration out of nowhere to reclaim their daughter? The same daughter that had been given up for the sake of a mining company?

Noriku's eyes flickered up to meet Temari's, and she abruptly looked away. Michiyo's eyes followed her husband's, and she protectively wrapped her arms around Rin, a silent, but clear indication that they were truly here to take Rin away, ready for any oncoming fights and arguments.

A strong rap on the door stole the attention of everyone. Gaara noticed that the Fujins visibly took a deep breath, as if preparing for a long and hard battle. Their sensei would undoubtedly give them one, one that they perhaps could not win.

Stepping through the door, Baki solemnly surveyed the scene before him. All three students-well at least two of them, were tensed up, with narrowed eyes, taut expressions, and straight lines for mouths. If Gaara was feeling even the smallest sliver of strain, he hid it well. The Fujins were sitting in the sofa, with ninja, clearly hired, on all sides of them, with them being in the center. Rin Fujin was sitting in the middle of her parents, utterly clueless to the great thunderstorm about to happen.

The oldest Sabaku stepped over to him and quickly updated him on everything that had happened so far. The longer Temari kept informing him, the more downward his frown pulled. At last, he moved towards the chair that stood directly across the trembling Fujins. He gracefully sat down and blankly stared straight into the eyes of Noriku Fujin. His three students silently hovered behind him.

What Noriku thought to be a deep, threatening rumble in Baki's throat turned out to be just the man clearing his throat. But the hidden behind it was clear.

Ready yourself, Noriku Fujin. You have just treaded into dangerous territory.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fujin, it's a pleasant surprise. I presume you're here to visit your daughter...?" Baki smoothly questioned. 

The Fujins were somewhat taken back. They didn't expect for you to cut the chase and be blunt. Noriku bravely responded for his family. 

"Er..Yes. We are here to visit our daughter."

It sounded like a question.

He continued on. If Baki wanted to get straight to the point, then he would. "We're here to take back Rin. My wife and I decided that it was indeed a horrible mistake to allow our daughter to leave. We absolutely love her with our entire being, and no amount of words can ever describe how terrible we feel for letting her go like that. We can only hope that she will one day find it in her heart to forgive us. I don't know what we were thinking, letting her go like that, just for our damn mining company. A true man can maintain a business, but a true father puts his family before work, and..."

As Noriku continued with his ever so touching speech, Michiyo's eyes remained blank and neutral the entire time, only robotically running her fingers through her daughter's short locks. She never looked up and met their eyes.

"......and because of that, Rin will come home with us, where she can live a happy life," Noriku finished, sweating nervously.

A long, leveled stare came from Baki, and scrutinizing ones from the siblings. The speech was obviously planned ahead and well thought out. 

But the way Noriku spoke was not wholeheartedly sincere and convincing.

Suddenly, Baki chuckled out of amusement. Everyone's eyes snapped towards the laughing, intimidating man. The hired ninja bodyguards tensed up and clutched their weapons closer. Even Gaara seemed surprised.

"Do you know who you are dealing with?" Baki drawled slowly. Without waiting for an answer from the stuttering man, he continued. "The order of withdrawing Rin Fujin and retaining her in Suna was a direct order from our Kazekage. Making any decisions to interfere with his command in any way is equivalent to committing a crime against the Kazekage. It does not stop there. Going against the Kazekage means going against his people, his citizens, his village, and his ninja."

Emphasis on 'ninja.'

Even though Noriku paled, Baki did not stop with his onslaught of harsh, but true, words. "Furthermore, it seems as if you are heavily mistaken if you think you can just easily whisk your family out here just like that. Your daughter has something we need. Something that could greatly benefit the village. The very village that your mining company heavily relies on. If I am not mistaken, then I recall that at least half of your products travel here, to Suna, where it is shipped, sold, and distributed. Not only that, but Suna is one of the great five villages. It would only take a word from the Kazekage to stop them from using your products."

A long pause. 

"Do you understand now? Are you sure that you are willing to ruin your company and your peaceful relations with the Kazekage?" Baki finished.


A look of bewilderment and disbelief appeared on Baki's face. Pure astonishment. At least he quickly resumed his blank and solemn look, unlike his students who were gaping.

Well, what a turn of events. 

It was odd how seeing just a couple of months ago, they were willing to hand over Rin, choosing everything over their daughter. Michiyo even talked of having another child to replace her.

"I will ask you one more time." Noriku  nodded. "Will you forsake everything you have worked for to make it this far in life for you daughter? You could have more children. You are still welcome to visit anytime to see your daughter."

"I am absolutely sure." His voice sounded a littler stronger this time. 

There was a long silence before Baki responded, "I see."

And it was decided that Rin Fujin would leave the following week with her parents.
Of course, that does that mean that the Kazekage did nothing more to stop them from taking Rin. This time however, he used other methods other than straight up intimidation and threats. However, that only limited them to one strategy. An expected one, but serious nevertheless.

The Kazekage sent his most intimidating men to actually prove to the Fujins how serious he actually was about his threats.  He would not let the Fujins leave without knowing that the words of the Kazekage were are not merely empty threats and false words. 

And, if all fails, he would move onto his final motion of action. The only possible weapon against Suna's strongest could not leave his reach. There was absolutely no way that the kid would leave the gates of Suna with her  moronic parents. Did they truly believe that they could waltz into one of the five great villages and leave with an incomplete weapon in the form of a child who was practically a guaranteed threat? 

Gaara had been unbeatable, he had thought.

Until Baki came back from a simple D-rank mission informing him of the most troubling news of Rin Fujin.

Clearing his head, the 4th Kazekage approved of the A-rank mission with a seal on the  mission scroll, that would be delivered straight to his children. It would be his children who would be taking care of this mission.

"The second you leave Suna, you acknowledge that all ties with the village are unwelcome. Hostile acts towards you company from here on is to be expected, whether it may be through influences, travel, ...." Temari's voice droned on and on, without a hint of emotion to remain professional. She was here with her brothers on the mission that their father had specifically given to them.

Standing straight, from the corner of his eyes Kankuro could see that the Fujins were paying minimal attention to his sister. In fact, they would have completely zoned out if they weren't well-mannered adults. 

In the background, he could hear Temari finish up the last scroll that contained implied threats to the Fujins. She had been reading for over an hour already without a break.

The three Sand Siblings stiffly bowed to them. "You may depart when the sun goes down," he heard himself saying monotonously. They took their leave by disappearing in a flicker.

"It's rather unfortunate that it has to come to this," the three heard their sensei murmur underneath his breath. They all watched, hidden in the shadows on rooftops, as Baki withdrew a blade that they had often seen him use in missions involving other foreign ninja. 

Baki and his overly advanced genin took their appropriate stances as the Fujin carriage began to slowly wheel out of the gates of Suna. 

Baki signaled them to wait and trail them. Doing this too close to the gates would arouse suspicion of anyone who would examine the mystery of their murders. Better to wait until they traveled some ways far from the village before striking. 

Gaara hung back as usual, ignoring them and their signals and doing whatever he preferred. He had developed a strange, new feeling of closeness to his siblings, but it wasn't enough for him to interact with them on a regular basis yet.

Fortunately for them, Gaara usually listened to the mission instructions and followed them, even if he wasn't explicitly following orders from the captain. 

But then again, there was yet to be a captain who was not afraid to order the jinchuuriki around. 

Anyways, Gaara lingered in the background, as his team followed the carriage closely and making sure they remained hidden in the night veil of darkness.

Eventually as some time passed, the Fujins and the team they hired had to stop for a break. 

Baki lifted his hand silently and twitched his fingers.

That was the signal.

Go time.

Baki, Temari, and Kankuro darted out from the blanket of darkness, and Kankuro took the initiative to put out the fire, easily doing so by kicking sand onto the flame. A scream erupted out from a feminine voice, presumably Michiyo. 

It was better to fight in the darkness, so that no one could tell who was attacking and from where. 

Shouting arose from the confusion, and the sand ninja could hear the other ninja yell for Michiyo and Noriku to run away with Rin, escorted by one guard.

Turns out that there was more ninja hired than expected. 

Almost immediately after they launched their attack, Baki was confronted instantly by the leader of the Fujin ninja group. The sounds of their blades clashing echoed into the night, and would continue on for a while.

This left only Temari and Kankuro left to eliminate the remaining ninja and the Fujins. Gaara hardly ever contributed to their missions unless he was thirsty for blood, and was trembling with hungry eyes.  

Two more ninjas had lashed out at them, leaving none of them free to go pursue the targets who was steadily furthering the distance between them. The ninja that Noriku had hired were surprisingly adept and were putting up a good fight, not even allowing them to spare a quick glance to see how far the Fujins got. 

Frustration and tension leaked into the air shared by the sand ninja.

However, Gaara was free. None of the opposing ninja had noticed his presence, particularly due to the fact that Gaara made no attempt to reveal his presence and was not letting out an aura of murder and insanity.

Finally moving, Gaara stalked towards the direction where the Fujins was last seen running off to. 

Relief and worry flooded into Baki, Temari, and Kankuro. Gaara would definitely be able to locate and kill the targets, but Rin Fujin was not one of them. She had to stay safe and remain in Suna. Who knows whether or not Gaara would end up killing the child. Unlike Kankuro and Temari, he was not attached, or hopefully not as attached to Rin.  

The Sand Siblings actually had quite a record of failed missions due to Gaara killing people whom were to stay alive. They had tried their best to avoid protection missions from then on.

It had been quite easy for Gaara to catch up to them. 

Almost boring really. 

Willing his sand to move towards the ninja aiding the Fujins, he easily overcame him, appearing before him in a flash and killing him instantly by crushing, mangling,  and squeezing his body until the blood escaped the sand and splattered onto the horrified Fujins' faces.

He felt oddly gleeful. 

Releasing the unrecognizable corpse and stepping over it, he casually took a step towards the Fujins. 

It was pathetically funny how they cowered from him, desperation and fear in their eyes that shone so brightly. Ignoring their screaming and spluttered excuses, he let his eyes trail slowly over to Rin. Of course, being the complete idiotic creature she was, she still managed to laugh and squirm about comfortably in her mother's bloodstained arms. 

"Give it to me." He stated monotonously, stiffly sticking an arm out, hand outspread. 

They trembled in fear. 

He felt nothing.

Noriku was the first to break the silence with an earsplitting screech. "This wasn't suppose to happen! None of this was..."

Michiyo sobbed, furiously nodding at her husband's words. Her grip on Rin tightened to the point where Rin stopped laughing and started to make choking sounds.

"We worked too fucking hard for this. Rin is ours. With her, we don't need the damn mining company," Noriku spat out.

Is this how a family works?

"Because she's worth three times the amount that the company is worth. A village is willing to pay that much for her. We don't need anything else. All that money, and we would be set for life, no company needed, no labor required, hell, we could practically bathe in all that mon-"

Gaara felt irritated by Noriku's blood that had seeped into his clothes when Noriku was abruptly cut off from his disgusting speech by several sand spikes penetrating his body. 

Beside him, his wife gaped in horror. 

Civilian women were more likely to speak when their object of affection, assurance, trust, and comfort was dead. 

Gaara turned to her. 

"What was he talking about?"

Her lips pursed and her eyes remained fierce.

Gaara slowly lifted Noriku's body upwards, and began to will the spikes to dissolve into grains of sand, leaving gaping holes that gushed blood out. Then, he began to have the corpse twist in unnatural, horrifying positions, preparing to tear-

She broke.

"Rumours of Rin's apparent kekkai genkai leaked out, and eventually someone offered to pay an unheard amount of money for her. But by then, she was already gone, and in your hands. I didn't want any part of this, but Noriku, he was tempted by the amount of money offered for her, and I was dragged along in the plans. It was easy for us to enter Suna, because of our background, trades, and that fact that Rin was our daughter. We were supposed to pawn Rin off, and live together far away in beautiful lands with the money! Have more children to replace her! And finally, we-"

Gaara quickly killed her off too. He had heard enough already.

By the time the others had taken care of their opponent, they had run into the scene only to find Gaara silently watching Rin play happily in the mess of her parent's bodies with an expression that represented pain on his face.

AN: Not sure how the chapter turned out?? Anyways leave a comment because the author does not want to feel lonely

It was just a child.

Just a child.

But then why did he feel the need to bond with it?

Protect her?

And show her kindness the worled never bothered to show him?