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Another riddle.
Story published January 4, 2012 · updated April 1, 2013 · completed · 66 pages · 636 readers · 12,144 reads
Phoenix Rae Riddle
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Phoenix Rae Riddle.

[A.N -- 01/04/13 - This has been re-written! >> I'm Not The One. | Another Riddle Re-Written Version | ]

My Moms Name was Belle.. But Uhm.. Things Happen.
Yes My Father is Voldermort!.. But i live with sevvy..
You see- My Father killed my mother so she wouldnt have to worry about the Ministry anymore..
then my father just 'Dissapeared'
Iiiiit Sucks! >.Okay First things First,
I was Born with a Curse. e.e Anyway I have this thing- where when i get angry my eyes will flare up red..
But there Green?(I know its Brown In the picture.. ;l).. Yeah Thats the curse its like BANG bright red- thankgod i dont get angry often. o.o'
Anywaaays my full names 'Phoenix Rae seline Riddle.(seline= Night Goddess)
Okay! :3
My Hair Is Brown. :)
Dumbledore! Hehehehe, hes going to be my new headmaster At Hogwarts!
Yes Im Going Hogwarts! o.o'
Gon be in my first year ;)
I can do a few spells already, Uncle Severus Brought me a Wand When i was 9..
Its Black, and its got vines around it
Personality- Bubbly(Learnt From Aunite Bellatrix) Clever, Cunning, Sneaky.
Bellatrix? she went 'Azkaban' Shes apparently gone INSANE. e.e
Fave Songs- Monster(Skillet) Evanescence, Are you Happy Now, Rihanna Cry, Daddys Little Girl, Decode  Nothing(the script) Runaway(Cascade and P!nk Version:)- All Sorts! :)

She looked so innocent in his first year..
then there second year past,
she became more and more suspicious..
But then fourth year came...
What he didnt know....
Is her deepest secret would give anyone nightmares..