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Our Worlds are Different 'Jake Pitts Love Story' -FINISHED!_
Story published January 7, 2012 · updated January 25, 2012 · 96 pages · 2,701 readers · 61,569 reads
Chapter 27, Good
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Chapter 27, Good Bye.

        "Goodbye Sammi." I said giving her a really long hug! "Can you make sure to look after Jake? He's not to happy with me and its.. Um.. We're over..." I said slowly when she let go of me, she was already tearing up.
        "Why?" Jinxx said hugging me.
        "He thinks theirs more to the and the wounded soldier. He doesn't believe we were just friends, and that Joey's like a brother to me now. Joey helped me through so much..." I stopped and kissed Jinxx's cheek. "Take care of everyone guys. I'm going to miss you all so much" I said whiping a tear from my eyes. "I'll be back in 8th months." I waved goodbye to them but I heard my name being screamed I turned around to see the four other members of black veil brides and Juliet. Yeah, Jake was here... "Guys!" I said slightly happy. 
        "You didn't think I'd let you leave with out saying goodbye did you!" Andy said picking me up and spinning me around. He finally set me down and CC was next to hug me.
        "I know we aren't the best of friends, but take care Corey. You mean alot to us all and we're going to miss you terrible!" He fake cried as he hugged me and kissed my forehead. Ashley was next.
        He grabbed my ass as he hugged me. "A women in uniform... Yummy!" He whispered in my ear and I pushed back. 
        "Control yourself!" I slapped him in the head. "I'm going to miss you Ash, you and you're stupid perverted jokes." I kissed his cheek and he smiled really big. I know I wasn't helping the cause but I couldn't help myself. Next was Juliet. 
        "We're loosing a girl to the group!" She yelled hugging me tightly. "Sammi what are we going to do?" She asked. Sammi just shook her head sadly.
        "Guys, 8 months. you can handel it. Just pretend you never met me and then if we meet again, remember me." I smiled and she let go of me.
        "If we meet again?" She accused.
        "Well, I'll be gone for 8 months. Alot happens in 8 months." I said slowly. She looked at me strangely. 
        "No one is ever going to forget you!" CC yelled fake crying again. Atleast they were all fun and games and not seriously crying. 
        "Thanks guys." I said picking up my back. I gave Jake a glance over and he stood still. I could see it right away. He didn't want to be here. He actually ment we were done. Jake Pitts was done with me and I was supposed to be strong. Army strong. 
        "Flight 1259" The intercom said. "Now boarding to Kentucky Airport." 
        "That's me guys." I said. I looked at all them carefully. I wasn't going toforget a single one of them. I wasn't going to forget how loved they made me feel or how much I belonged because of them. I wasn't just the Army girl. I was the loved girl. I turned to leave and they all watched me. But I turned back around quickly. I went straight up to Jake and laid a passionate kiss on his lips. He was startled but kissed me back. I pulled back. "Even though we're done. I still love you." I said. I fixed my hat over my braid and turned walking down the tunnel that led me to my plane. My boots stomped against the tile floor but I didn't mind. It was a familier sound. I was on my way to my fallen soldier. 

(If you haven't noticed by now, this is going to be a long story kind of like my others in length wise. Thank you so much for all the positive responces on this story! I love you all ♥)

Thank you to everyone who is reading this! 

I am going to be starting an Ashley Purdy love story, I have a character competition and it would be greatly appreciated if you participated :

I love you all <3