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WWE Superstar Oneshots
Story published January 8, 2012 · updated December 22, 2013 · completed · 130 pages · 7,243 readers · 114,437 reads
Seth Rollins
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Seth Rollins

You were a diva on smackdown.
The manager to Randy Orton.
Randy: I have a match tonight against Seth Rollins.
You: yes randy you do.
Randy: what do you think of Cody Rhodes.
You: Randy I don't know him.
Randy: you don't?
You: Randy I'm 22
Randy: Maybe you should go out on a date with him.
You: I thought you hated the guy. He attacked you and your tag team alot.
Randy: soon as I beat him you can ask him out.
You: you're mean.
Randy: I told your parents that I would look out for you.
You: I know.
Randy: your mom called.
you: oh my gosh.
Randy: she asked about who you are dating.
You: I knew it.
You both start walking down to the ramp.
Randy: well she is concerned.
You: how bout you both give me a year.
Randy: fine.
Randy's theme blares through the arena . The fans go crazy as you walk down to the ring with him.
Randy: Watch out for these guys they are dangerous .
You: Gotcha.
The bell rings and the match begins.
before you know it , it gets out of hand quickly.
They both start beating each other to death.
The referee comes to break it up but he can't.
Randy stomps on Seth viciously.
The rest of the shield comes to aid Seth.
They beat Randy down.
You don't know what to do at this point.
You hear one of them say "Finish him"
Roman and Dean continue to beat on Randy.
Seth rolls out of the ring and stalks toward you.
As you are cornered in between the barricade and him you get scared.
You grab a drink from a fan and throw it in his eyes.
Seth screams.
The drink was beer.
He wipes his eyes out a looks very angered.
Soon as you realized what you did you ran away.
He ran after you.
While you were running backstage you ran into Sheamus.
Sheamus: woah woah there.
You: I- he- beer-chase-after me.
Sheamus: breathe first.
You: Seth is chasing me.
Sheamus: he is gone.
You turn around and he is not there.
Sheamus: he probably fell. But I will walk you to your lockeroom if it helps you feel better.
You both walk to your lockeroom.
Sheamus checks around and no one is inside.
Sheamus: I think you're good. If you need anything scream or yell I'm next door.
You: thanks.
Sheamus: welcome kid.
He leaves.
The door closes.
You close your eyes and take a deep breath.
When you open your eyes Seth is sitting across from you.
You try to run off but he catches your foot & pulls you back.... You land into his lap.
Seth: I wouldn't scream if I were you.
You remain silent.
Seth: I'm not going to hurt you.
You: why were you chasing me!
Seth: You threw beer in my face.
You: you blocked me .
Seth: I didn't do anything.
He starts rubbing your back.
Seth: relax. I believe you think I'm mean... I'm not.
He stops rubbing your back and puts his hands behind your ear.
Seth: Id be lying if I said I don't want you.
Before you can reply he pulls you into a kiss.
He pulls back.
You kiss him again.
Randy walks through your lockeroom door.
He sees you with Seth. 
He charges at Seth.
Seth moves you out of the way and they both fight
Officials from backstage break up the fight.
You whisper to Seth.
"Ill come to your lockeroom later"
He leaves.
You are stuck with Randy.
You: I know what your thinking. I didnt set you up and He kissed me first.
Randy: I know.
You: I'm sorry- wait what?
Randy: I knew he was in your lockeroom.
You: How?
Randy: Eve told me. She thinks you're a gold digger.
You: I'm not.
Randy: I know. I don't like Seth, but if you date him, that's your decision. Just know ill b looking out for you . You basically are my sister. I'm leaving I need a shower.
He rubs your head.
You: go get checked out by medical, your limping.
You both laugh.
Randy: ok ok I'm going.
he leaves.
You walk down to Seth's lockeroom.
You knock and he opens the door.
He is holding ice to his side.
Seth: I hit my ribs.
You: sorry.
Seth: I'm fine.... I know tonight was quick. & I just want to know will you be my girlfriend?
Seth: we can go out for dinner.
You: sure.
You touch his ribs.
Seth; ow.
You laugh .
You: sorry.
Seth kisses you.
"You'll see who will be sorry".
that night was a successful dinner/date.
You both date for three years then get married.
You have about four kids :)

yes of course ^ :).....he is cute.