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Ouran high school host club 7 minutes in heaven
Story published January 9, 2012 · updated April 29, 2012 · 6 pages · 6,028 readers · 29,978 reads
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You were dragged to a party in music room three with your friend Haruhi. You didn't wanna go but she managed to drag you there. All the guys hesitated when you came in because you were a commoner like Haruhi. But none the less they accepted you because you were Haruhi's friend and you never told anyone but you like one of the Hitachiin brothers. Kaoru to be exact. Hikaru sudgested to play seven minutes in heaven when things started to settle down. You didn't really want to play so you sat on a couch writing something in what looked like a journal. After a while Honey crawled up next to you holding a hat. "Your turn ____!" Honey said smileing and holding the hat out to you. "I don't want to play really." You said looking back at your book. "Please play!" Honey yelled in a whiney tone shoving the hat in your face. "Ok.." You said and pick a peice of paper out of the hat that said, "Hikaru." Hikaru was looking over your shoulder and spoke into your ear scaring the hell out of you. "Kaoru is this yours?" Hikaru asked taking the paper out of your hand and showing it to Kaoru. Kaoru sat up and went over to you holding out his hand and you took it blushing.  Hikaru shoved you guys in the closet and I closed the door locking it. "Seven minutes!" I yelled. "So what do we do now?" You ask a little nervouse. "Well can i ask you something?" Kaoru asked getting closer to you. Kaoru put his hands around your waiste all of a sudden and pushed you to a wall. "Can i kiss you?" Kaoru asked smileing."S-sure." You say studdering and Kaoru pulls you closer to his connecting his lips with yours. It was light and sweet. Kaoru pulled away and rested his forehead on your's" "How was that?" He asked laughing a little. You put your arms around his neck. "Perfect." You say kissing him this time. Kaoru smiled in the kiss but then the closet filled with light. Everyone gasped and Hikaru laughed. "I KNEW IT!" And you and Kaoru pulled apart blushing. You to walked out of the closet and Kaoru sat onthe couch pulling you with him onto his lap while Hikaru pouted in the corner. Later he asked you out and you said yes.