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Ouran high school host club 7 minutes in heaven
Story published January 9, 2012 · updated April 29, 2012 · 6 pages · 6,119 readers · 30,367 reads
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You were invited to an end of the year party at the Host Club. When you got to the party, you were helping Hikaru and Kaoru prank some of the guests. "___ over here!" Haikaru whisper-yelled to you. You looked over to see Hikaru and Kaoru hiding behind a table, Nekozawa sittin on a couch in front of the table. You quietly slipped over to the table and crouched behind it, next to Hikaru. "Are you insaine!" You whispered to him as you pointed to the couch infront of you. "What?" Hikaru and Koaru asked at te same time, raising there arms. "You can't prank Neko!" She whispered hastily as you pushed Hikaru back. "Who says?" They asked at the same time again. You rolled your eyes and sighed. "Fine, have fun." You said as you started to stand up. "Please help us!!!!" Kaoru whimpered as he pulled you back. You groaned and stood up. "No!" You yelled as you turned around. You quickly bumped into someone and backed up, looking up to see Nekozawa himself. "I-I'm sorry!" You whispered as you backed away from him. He grinned down at you and stepped back. "It's alright." With that, he desolved into the shadows. You turned back to see Hikaru and Kaoru grinning at you. "What?" You asked. "7 MINUTES ON HEAVEN!" They yelled as they each took one of your arms, dragging you to the middle of the room. 
You cautiously reached into the hat, dreading the fact that you agreed to playing this game, and pulled out a small wooden cat. "Huh?" You asked. Tamaki lifted you from you seat and pulled you to the closet. "Good luck." He whispered in a shakey voice, oly then did you realize his hands were shaking. "Ok?" You said as you were pushed into the closet. Suddenly you felt a pair of arms wrap around you. "What the?" You asked as you turned around. You found yourself staring into crystal blue eyes. "N-Nekozawa?" You asked as you backed up. "I would like to thank you for not pranking me with the twins earlier." He said softly as he leaned close to your face. Your breath hitched and you gulped. "O-Ok." Was all you managed to say before his lips conected to yours softly. You stood frozen for a second before you kissed back. When he pulled away he smiled down at you, from what you could see anyway. "Be mine?" He asked. You smiled widely and hugged him tight. "Of course."