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Mb love story (princeton))
Story published January 15, 2012 · updated February 19, 2012 · 10 pages · 1,663 readers · 11,315 reads
Mb love story (pri
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Mb love story (princeton) EP.1

YN-your name                               Prince-Princeton Best friends-angel, quay, tray                                                                                                             *school* Its a same friday until 4 new boys showed up at school

*you and ur bestfriends go to yall lockers*
*which r right beside each others*
Quay-im gonna.have a sleepover wanna come
All ex.quay-sure
*first period* Yall hav the same classes as the new boys
Yn-looks like the new boys have all the girls
Angel-well I have my eye on Prodigy
Quay-ray ray is mines
Tray-i call roc
Quay-now yn I know u like one of these boys
Yn-they r alright
Tray-*taps on yn shoulder* I think princeton is giving u the hey cutie look yn
Yn-no hes not *then looks at him whos staring at her* oh I think he is
Quay-how about we ask them to sit with us at lunch ?
All ex. Quay-ok
Yn- did the teacher ever say anything cuz I blocked her out
All ex.quay- nope
All-*go over to roc prince ray.and prod* do yall wanna sit with us at lunch
Ray ray- but before we go to lunch can we get your names
Yn-my name is yn
Angel-i am angel *looking at prod*
Tray-i am trayniyah but u can call me tray
Quay- quay at ur service
All boys- sexy names *princeton winks at me*
All girls- thx *blushing*
Next one at lunch