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Volturi Girl Demetri Volturi love story
Story published January 17, 2012 · updated January 18, 2012 · 8 pages · 1,204 readers · 4,186 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

I walked forward towards the stairs where no one could see me until I got to the second flight of stairs.
I used to be a Cullen, I forgot to tell you that.
Uncle Aro was speaking, I knew all the covens were there.
Daddy spoke my name and I trailed down the stairs. I took a step sideways towards Caius.
Caius: Cheyenne Mae Lien Cullen will now be known as Cheyenne Volturi from this day forth.
Jane came up behind be and gently put the tiara into my hair.
I watched the Cullens appalled faces.
I just smiled like was supposed to.
The piano started to play and daddy took my hand and led ne down the stairs toward Demetri.
Me: hello, Dem. Did Jane-y put you up to this? I asked him.
Demetri: surprisingly, no. But, Cheyenne, I have loved you since we first became best friends. Would you do me the honor of being mine?
Me: as long as you wish, Demetri. I said formally with a smile.
I had my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist.
I leaned in and kissed him gently, he kissed back. We pulled away and put our foreheads together and danced.
He leaned up and kissed my forehead then put his back to mine.
We danced like that for a long while, but I was happy. I had amazing best friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a nice life here. What more could I ask for?
The ball ended and Demetri and I walked away acting as if we weren't in love.
Alice, Esme and the rest of the Cullen family came up to my room and hugged me.
It turns out that they are going to be staying with us for about a month.
Me: Jane-y, Alice and Rose! We should go shopping! I said happily.
Alice: yay!!!
We all got into me black trans am convertible.
I turned on the stereo to mine and Janes song, Krazy by Pitbull.
I made Jane so random just like me since I got here.
Alice and Rose just laughed at us singing and dancing.
I had the roof down.
I drove in the sunlight, everybody just thought the sun tricked them so Aro, Marcus and Caius didn't care.
Then I like it by Enrique Iglesias came on and all of us sang and danced to it.
They all knew my love for Spanish music.
Jane and I went into hot topic while Rose and Alice went into Charlotte Russe.
I met up with them in Charlotte Russe and bought seven new pairs of eight inch platform heels, seven dressy shirts, and seven pairs of acid wash jeans-some grey , black, dark blue and light blue.
When we got home I fell backwards onto the bed while Jane was called into the throne room for some reason. I didn't care.
Demetri came in and I sat up.
My spine cracked a little.
Me: shopping is painful. I said then kissed him.
We talked for a while.
We heard Jane coming, so Demetri left quickly.
No one knew about our relationship.
Just someone I danced with at the ball, nothing else to other people.
I turned on my iPod and Calabria 2007 by Enur came on when Jane walked in.
Jane: why does it smell like demetri in here?
Me: it's probably me cuz I'm the one who danced with him at the ball the whole time, plus we just talked for a bit.
Jane: are you together or something? She asked curiously.
Me: if I tell you will you promise not to tell until I'm ready?
She nodded.
Me: yes we are, don't tell anyone. I told her.
Good lord, that girl knew me so well, it was scary.
Me: Jane-y, I'm tired, can you get me my pajamas? I asked her.
She laughed and handed next black tank top with white pajama pants that had black bunnies all over them. The tanktop had a white bunnynon the chest.
That's how u got the 'Bunny' nickname from the boys.
I layed down on my bed not bothering to pull my blanket over me.

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