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The Daughter of Sirius Black
Story published January 18, 2012 · updated August 23, 2012 · 23 pages · 488 readers · 6,136 reads
Sirius Black is ba
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Sirius Black is back

       *SIRIUS BLACK'S P.P.V.*

          I was thinking of a way to get into Hogwarts when a girl most likely in her fith or maybe sixth year came up to the Whomping Willow.  She looked upset and very fimiliar but where do I know her from?  She spotted me.  

??: Hey there

She looked at me as she sat down on a gray rock.

??: You wouldn't mind if I talked to you would you? I could use someone to talk to.

I troted over to herand put my head in her lap.  Maybe if I listen to her I can figure out who she is.  I listened as she talked about a girl called Kay.  Then she said something that put aside all the reasons that I came here.  She was my daughter.  Josephine Black.  I thought she was dead, she her mother, and her sister.  Wait does that mean they're alive as well?  Then she said something that shocked me.

Josephine:  When I get the chance I will kill Sirius Black and avenge my mum and the Potters.

And with that she got up and left to the school.  My daughter hated me and wishe to kill me.  Well isn't my life just wonderful.

Sorry the chapter is short but I needed to write this.     ♥  BREONNA GAYLE REDBIRD-GRANGER