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Damien Dawn and Anna Blue Love Story
Story published January 19, 2012 · updated February 1, 2012 · 63 pages · 10,060 readers · 86,423 reads
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*Damien's POV*
After i left Anna's house, my stomach started to cramp and my throat burned. I was thirsty. I needed blood. I felt my fangs begin to grow out after i got out of the sight of humans, i made a mad dash for the trees. Anna had smelled wonderful, her blood that is. Then again, every human's blood does. I crouched down behind a tree and let my fangs grow to their full length. I could smell the humans in the campground about two miles away. No, Damien. You can't die just for giving in to your temptations. I took a deep breath and sniffed the air. I smelled a herd of deer not to far away and i decided to settle on that. I dashed off for the herd and spotted a buck. I smiled, my huge, perfectly white fangs being shown and showing my satisfaction. I lunged for the tall buck and the rest of the herd dashed away. I pounced on the buck and sunk my fangs into the warm flesh. I drank until i was full and pulled away from the buck, wiping the blood off my mouth with the back of my hand. I folded on knee up and placed my arm on the knee and kept the other down, in a "cool guy" pose. I sighed. Yomandy was right, as usual. Drinking animal blood was not a very satisfying lifestyle. I shook my head clear and started to walk around in the woods. I pushed my hands into my front pockets and i was glad that i had my special necklace to prevent me from being burnt to death by the sun. I thought about Jocelyn and how absolutely annoying and clingy she was, about the project, and surprisingly about Anna. My first impression of her was somewhat false. I guess she is a tad pretty, but still ugly, in my opinion. But i have no interest in dating girls. It always ends up in heartbreak or something else of that nature. I've been around for a very long time and i learned what relationships are really like. A couple of my friends back in the day who had girlfriends would always talk about how they were "in love". I would always roll my eyes and tell them that didn't know what true love is. Which they didn't. After a while, the sun went down and i felt alert. It's what the night does to me. I took a deep breath and decided to head home.