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Daughter of the Potions Master
Story published January 19, 2012 · updated 2 weeks ago · completed · 131 pages · 1,485 readers · 12,907 reads
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        Inside, we watched the sorting. I loved watching the sorting; it made me remember my own. I had been scared of Slytherin the whole time I’d lived in the castle as a child, which was pretty much every school year. But I had ended up in Gryffindor, where my dad said my mom had been. I wasn’t scared anymore, since I met Fred and George we’d been unstoppable. 
        The sorting was over and Dumbledore started his speech. I listened vaguely, shooting a mischievous grin to the twins when he reiterated the rules. I might not have been paying much attention, but I definitely noticed when that pink thing interrupted him.  Everyone broke out into whispers. No one interrupted Dumbledore.
         Listening to the beginning of her speech I got the gist of what she was saying. The Ministry never knew when to mind its own business. For the rest of the feast Fred, George, and I put our heads together and planned. This woman gave me some bad vibes. I would have to ask my dad about her later...but for now, we planned. Umbridge would know who we were soon enough.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it :D