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Love Me Blondie
Story published January 20, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · 112 pages · 7,937 readers · 92,342 reads
╰☆ Chapter 19
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╰☆ Chapter 19 ☆╮

        I heard my phone vibrate on my nightstand. I grogily opened my eyes and lazily grabbed my phone. It was a text from Rydel.
        December 29th. Bring Joey  with you when you come. walk right in, door's unlocked.

        I got up and quickly changed (Ross got me the union jack stuff for Christmas) the went to Joey's room. I leaned really close to his ear then yelled,
        "Joseph! Wake up! It's my Boo's birthday! And we need to get over to the Lynch's place like, now!"
        I drew back just in time before Joey shot up then he glared at me.
        "See you downstairs in 10!" I chimed before I ran out if the room and ran to the kitchen.
        After about 8 minutes, Joey came down and we went next doorto the lynch's house. I walked right in like the text said and walked to the kitchen. I saw Riker, Rocky, and Rydel all cooking stuff. Ratliff and Ryland were putting up decorations. Joey went to help Ratliff and Ryland while I helped Riker, Rocky, and Rydel.
        Once everything was cooked and set up, Rydel turned to me.
        "Okay Rach. We need you to go wake Ross up and get him to chase you downstairs," Rydel said.
        "What? Why me?" I protested.
        "Because you're his girlfriend," Riker said.
        "That's not good enough."
        "Come on Rach. Just wake him up and he'll probably chase you like he always does," joey says.
        "Why thank you oh brother of mine!" I say sarcastically.
        I groan and start walking upstairs. When I get to Ross' room, I see him sprawled across his bed. I held a silent laugh as I knelt near Ross' head.
        "Ross. Wake up," I whisper.
        Ross groans.
        "Boo. Please get up," I say a little louder.
        Ross groans louder.
        "Fine! I'll just go get the skirt and body glitter again!" I say standing up.
        Ross' eye snap open. He turnes to face me.
        "You wouldn't," Ross says sounding slightly scared.
        "Try me," I say with a smirk as I start to walk towards the door.
        Ross gets up from his bed and starts to come towards me. I bolt. He follows. I run downstairs a good thirty second ahead of him since he just woke up. When Ross get's downstairs we all yell,
        "Surprise! Happy 17th birthday!"
        The determination on ross' face faded when he looked around and saw all decroations and the breakfast buffet we made.
        "Sorry 'bout the skirt threat," I say, "Everyone else made me wake you up and they said that I had to try to get you to chase me."
        Ross jumps towards me and I scream but he just wraps me in a hug and laughs,
        "The worst I would have done was kiss you until you forgot what you were going to do."
        I feel blush creep up on my face as Ross slowly let me from the hug.
        "Happy 17th birthday Boo," I say as I peck Ross' lips.
        "That's it?" Ross asked disppointed.
        "For now," I say with a smirk.

Love is a strange thing. It could be anything, and go for anyone. But, if you can explain it, then it's not true love.