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Bruises and Broken Hearts *Austin Mahone Love Story*[FINISHE
Story published January 21, 2012 · updated July 1, 2012 · completed · 37 pages · 4,041 readers · 70,869 reads
Kayla Britlee
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Kayla Britlee


My name is Kayla Ada Britlee.

When I lived with my mom I would watch videos om YouTube all the time!

The only videos I watched were the ones with Austin Mahone in them though.

Miss those days.

Now I live with my sick dad who raped my mom and killed her.

I don't really have much of a choice! I'm stuck with him!

He abuses me too!

You would be amazed of how many bruises I have from this guy!

he doesn't let me go to school anymore either!

I have to leave! But I don't know how!

I gotta "dad" wants to yell at me for doing something wrong so I'd better go before he hurts me....oh wait he already planned on doing that!

 Now that I'm with you, loving you won't be so hard anymore.