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Hello Kitty Lovers. FINISHED
Story published January 23, 2012 · updated October 12, 2012 · completed · 27 pages · 3,050 readers · 31,161 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

~Jayy P.O.V~
Jeffree and I walk into the house holding hands, recieving looks from Dahvie and Sally.
"Are you  two together?" Sally asks.
"As of a few minutes ago," Jeffree tells her with a smile as he pullls me closer to him.
"Great for you guys!" Dahvie exclaims. "Oh and by the way, Jayy, you know that contest we held where a fan gets to stay with us on our next tour?" Dahvie questions as Jeffree and I sit down next to each other on the couch.
"Yeah," I reply to Dahvie.
"Well, he have a winner," Dahvie continues, "his name is Chance and he's arriving tomorrow."
"Okay, great. You know I love meeting the fans," I tell him.
"Jayy," I hear Jeffree whisper in my ear.
"Baby?" I ask him, turning toward him. Apparently Jeffree and I fell asleep on the couch.
"Jayy, I-I had a dream t-that," Jeffree rambles on with tears in his eyes. I hold him tight against me and kiss his nose.
"Tell me what happened," I whisper to him. Jeffree grips my shirt and softly mumbles into me,
"I had a dream that you went away to a strip club and got AIDS from a nasty male stripper. I was crying and- and well at the end of the of the dream you died.
"Well, don't you have an imagination," I joke with him, but he looks at me with sad eyes.
"Baby," I tell him as I kiss his hair. "I will never leave you, and the only stripper I will ever be with is if you ever dressed up as a stripper....which would be quite sexy if I do say so myself," I smirk at the thought of Jeffree as stripper.
   Jeffree laughs and smacks me in the arm.
"Hey!" I yell, "You have to would be one hell of a sexy stripper," I wink.
Jeffree blushes and looks down.
"I really would," Jeffree agrees with a smirk.
I stand up from the couch, picking Jeffree up with me and carrying him bridal style to the kitchen.
"Ahhh! Jayy! Put me down!" Jeffree giggles and thrashes around.
"JAAAAYYYY!!" Are you raping Jeffree!?!?" I hear Dahvie yell from his room.
"YES!" I yell back.
"Ahhh! NO! NO!" Jeffree screams as I put him down and begin to tickle him to death. Dahvie comes running up, screaming like a crazy guy.
"That I am," I smirk as I lay Jeffree down on the ground and kiss him.
"RAPE!!!!!!!!" Dahvie screams, grabbing a broom and swating me with it.
"DAHVIE! Shut up! I'm not really raping him!" I yell in Dahvie's ear. Jeffree's breaking out into fits of laughter and can hardly contain himself.
"Whatever. I'm watching you," Dahvie warns, backing out of the room slowly. Jeffree laughs uncontrollably as I pick him up and take him to the kitchen. We sit and drink champagne into the night. Talking about everything we can think of until Jeffree falls asleep against my chest on the kitchen floor.