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Magic Tricks (A Harry Potter Love Story)
Story published January 27, 2012 · updated May 8, 2013 · completed · 86 pages · 3,139 readers · 48,439 reads
The Bludger
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The Bludger

(Tayor's POV)

A couple days have passed since Professor Binns' History lesson, and I haven't really been hanging out with Harry, Ron, or Hermione. I've been really concerned with Ginny and her diary, I've considered telling Anna, but I promised Ginny I wouldn't tell anyone. Quidditch practices were very time consuming thanks to Wood. As always, he's determined for us to win the house cup this year. I was half asleep on Fred's shoulder, when he started to shake me awake. 

Fred: Come on sleepy, the quidditch game's about to start.

Me: Ugh, do I have to?

George: Yes

Me: Fine

I stood up, and followed my brothers out of the locker room, and onto the field. 

Me: Good luck Harry

Harry: Thanks, you too

Madam Hooch: Alright, on my whistle. 3....2...1!

At the sound of the whistle, I shot up in the air, and grabed the quaffle. I started to weave my way throught the Slytherin team, and threw the quaffle to Angelia. She was almost in scoring distance from the goal posts, when a bludger hit her, causing her to drop the quaffle. I looked around the field in cearch for Fred and Goerge, and they were flying around Harry keeping one bludger away from him. I flew over to them to see what on earth was going on.

Me: What's going on up here? Thanks to you, Angelia missed a goal, due to being hit by a bludger!

Fred: This bludger keeps targeting Hary!

George: It's comming back!

George swung his club back and hit the bludger. The black ball flew throught the air a ways, but then, it changed course and started racin gback towards us.

George: This doesn't make sense.

Fred: Someone must've tampered with this bludger

George: We need to call a time out

Fred signaled to Wood, and he called a time out. All 3 of us sped towards the gound and landed with the other Gryffiindors.

Wood: What's going on?

Fred: Someone's messed with a bludger

George: It won't leave Harry alone

Harry: Look, Fred, George, there's no way I'm going to catch the snitch with you guys hovering around me. So just let me handle the bludger.

Me: Are you sure Harry?

Harry: Yes

Wood: Very well, glad everything's fixed. 

We started to mount our brooms, and I quickly waled over to Harry. 

Me: Harry! Be careful

Harry: You too

We each smiled at each other, then the whistle went off, and we both shot up into the sky. I kept trying to grab the quaffle from the Slytherins, but their brooms were to fast, Suddenly, Harry rushed passed me in a blur of red, followed by Draco, who nearly knocked me off my broom.

Draco: Watch where you're going Weasley!

I shrugged off his comment, and started to watch Harry race against Draco, to catch the snitch. Harry was about to catch the snitch, when the bludger hit him in the arm. Then, he fell. The whole team raced over to where Harry had fallen, and he held up his other hand. In it, was the tiny, golden, snitch.

Wood: You did it Harry! You caught the snitch!

The team cheered, until I noticed his arm was in anunatural angle.

Me: Harry! your arm!

Harry looked over at his arm.

Me: We need to get you over to the Hospial Wing!

I was about to help Harry up, when Lockhart pushed is was through us to Harry. 

Lockhart: Oh my! No matter, I can easily fix a broken arm

Fred: What he needs, is to go to the hospital wing.

Lockhart: Nonsense!

Then he muttered a few words, and flicked his wand. Satisfied with his work, he smiled broadly at us. Harry sat up, and held up his arm. His hand then fell all the way backwards.

Me: That's it, I'm taking Harry to the hospital wing and you are not stopping me!

I helped Harry up, shoved Lockhart out of the way, and lead Harry to the hospital wing.