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My OC Characters.
Story published February 3, 2012 · updated November 2, 2012 · 22 pages · 2,007 readers · 7,222 reads
Mirai Nikki [[Futu
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Mirai Nikki [[Future Diary]]


Hatsumi Ringo Tsukimiya [[Pandora in Demi-God form]]
14 [[deceased in her human state in the second world. Alive in the third world; technically she has two lives in every world. Her demi-god form and her human form; and of course, each time the huma form of her always dies, however; her Demi-god form never dies, until her body rots. ]]
November, 2nd [[born as a Demi God]]
-Trump Card
Hair Colour:
Pink with Orange Streaks [[Red Violet in Demi-God form]]
Eye Colour:
Purple [[Red Violet in Demi-God form]]
Diary Type:
The Hidden Diary [[allows her to see people’s trump cards and hidden abilities]]
13 [[Trump Card of the Survival Game]]
-Deus [[Father]]
-Michi Tsukimiya [[Mother: deceased]]
Animals [[mostly dogs]], Writing, Slumber, Mochi, Music, Akise, her friends, Deus, Stuffies, The Cold, Darts, Weapons, Cases, Flowers, Anime, Lovey Dovey Cliff-hanger like geatures, Manga, Books, Hot Springs, The Sun and her Diary
Yuno Gasai, Murmur [[First World]], Gods [[and to think, she’s part god]], the fact that she’s immortal in her demi-god form [[she lives until her body decades and that will take over 10,000 years]], The Survival Game [[but she admits; it’s pretty amusing]], and Her mother
Calm, Cool, Patient [[however she can get super duper impatient when she has to wait for a long period of time]], Tsundere, Hopelessly Romantic, Depressed, Creative, Has a smirk on her face at times, Mischief, Intelligent, Pro-Active, Can be a psycho freak when someone pisses her off, Outrageous, Daring, Sensitive, Fragile, Kind, Motherly at times, Quiet at times and Bubbly at times, Has a sweet tooth, Agile, Pops up here and pops out there person, and finally simply Stubborn
Breeding Dogs, Looking at her diary, “stalking” Akise, Practicing Self-defense, Sleeping for at least 10 hours, Looking after Murmur, Making Mochi, Eating, Gardening, Reading, Writing in her Diary, Fooling people with her Demi-God powers, Hanging out with Hinata and Mao, Helping Akise with cases, Sparing with Murmur, Listening to Music, Drawing, Singing and Relaxing in Hot Springs
Love Interest/Crush:
Akise Aru
Born as a demi-god, her mother; Michi instantly dies of childbirth. After her father tells her at a young age, she fell into a deep depression ever since. However, Akise was the only one that helped her out of her depression and that caught Deus’s attention; making him to do an experiment on Akise.
-Has the power to levitate anything
-Can see everything within a 1000meter range with her mind
Motto/Famous Saying:
It’s not possible to kill three birds with just a simply plain rock. Get an arrow; it would work better. Trust me, I’ve been through this.
(To Yuno Gasai) “If you’re going to kill me then kill me, just don’t hurt anyone close to me. Let only I suffer the pain, I’m immortal.”
(To Akise Aru) “I can give up being immortal, but I can’t give up on is you.”
(To Yukitery Amano) “People don’t change people, time changes people.”
(To her thirdself) “Go on, live a life that I had never lived. Treasure it, you won’t regret it.”
(To her mother’s spirit) “Ever since you died, I fell into a deep depression. Why? Why did you leave me until my body starts to rot?”
Favourite Song/Theme Song:
I=Fantasy- SeeU

Raison D'etre- Nightmare