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You Wouldn't... *Finished*
Story published February 5, 2012 · updated February 11, 2013 · completed · 22 pages · 1,075 readers · 10,127 reads
Why is My Life so
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Why is My Life so Messed up?

Amy's P.O.V.

Brandon:" Are you okay?"

Me:" Yeah, just shaken up. How did you know I was lying when I told him he could have me?"

Brandon:" I didn't I just sure as hell wasn't going to let anything happen to you." I nodded. " You know you are the girl." I stared at him and he looked down.

Me:" I'm the girl? What girl?"

Brandon: He sighed." The girl I fell in love with." I stared at him shocked and he kept looking down, so I did something neither of us expected. I grabbed him and kissed

 him passionately. I was happy that he kissed back but then he pulled away quickly. I looked at him worriedly.

Brandon:"We already had this discussion!" His voice was angry. A tear slid down my cheek and I ran into the basement, far away from Brandon as possible.

**A couple hours later**

Someone came down the stairs and sat next to me. I knew it wasn't Brandon because he started talking. I didn't bother to look up.

Damien:" You okay?"

Me:" I just want to go home."

Damien:" Hey it's okay, you will soon." My head popped up.

Me:" What do you mean?"

Damien:''We just got the randsome. You get to go soon."

Me:" Really?"

Damien:" Really. You know he does love you."

Me:" Apparently not."

Damien:" Believe it or not, he does."

Me:" Then how come everytime he kisses me or tells me he loves me he flips out at me!" I stood up this time and so did Damien. J.T. came down down the stairs and
we turned to face him.

J.T.:" Ready to go?" I nodded. We all walked up the stairs in silence.  The rest of the guys including Brandon were up there. I looked up to find Brandon staring at me I
looked away.

Me:" How much did you make my parents pay?" I asked a little angry. Not one of them answered. 

Me: How much did you make my parents pay?!" I was even more angry that none of them answered. I looked at each and everyone of them. Nothing.
Brandon:" Let's go talk outside." He grabbed my arm, but i pulled it back. He looked at me shocked.

Me:" I'm not going anywhere with you." I snarled.

Brandon:" Come on Amy let's go."

Me:" No! You told me yourself we can't have anything to do with each other! So I'm leaving and i will ask one more time. How much money-"

Brandon"None of your God damn business! Remember we kidnapped you! And I made the mistake of falling for you" I was speachless. I'm not used to being yelled at
so many times. My eyes were watering and tears were threatening to spill.

Brandon:" Look, Amy, I'm sorry." His voice was soft now." You know why we can't be together though."

Me:" And who ever said I still wanted to be with you?" I was crying now, and the guys had left to give us privacy. He looked hurt after I said that, but he deserves it,
after what he put me through.

Brandon:" I-"

Me:" I think it's time to go." I walked out to the boys they were already in the van. We pulled up to an abandoned parking lot. 

Damien:" Okay, so you are not going to tell anyone about where you were right?" 

Me:" Just let me go." I said disgusted.

I got out of the van they drove off and eventually police cars and my parents car came up next to me. I ran over and hugged them they were crying and so was I. I
havent seen them for for a month and a half.

Policeman:" Excuse me miss in order to catch them, were going to have to ask you a couple of questions.

Me:" If you want to know who did it, ask my ex-boyfriend Josh." I walked into my parents car and we drove home. 

Why is my life so messed up?