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Thought I saw a girl brought to life...
Story published February 7, 2012 · updated August 1, 2012 · 64 pages · 1,297 readers · 12,014 reads
Three; The Meeting
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Three; The Meeting

"Hannah, this is Callum Harrison" Sam says to me, I shake his out stretched hand. 

"Hi, its nice to meet you" I give him a warm smile and he relaxes slightly seeming a little nervous, he must have been mid-twenties, he was tall. The awkward kind. 

"You to" I smile.

"You going to introduce us" I look to my right to see one of the boys had said it.

Which one? I have no idea, but it wasn't the Irish one. 

I laugh at my own humor, instead of the anxious humor of 'One Direction'

From what I hear,t hey are so hard working- But make a joke out of everything. Which is a good way to get through the life in the spotlight, if you don't take life to seriously you can't be knocked down as easily. It doesn't matter who it is the pressure will get to everyone at one point, but the way you deal with it will define how hard you will take hate from people that don't even give you a chance to prove them wrong.

"Hay" I smile at them walking over to them, as I got closer to them they, manage to get even more attractive. If that was possible. They were all good looking in different ways. From the curly hair to the blonde hair. The big chocolate brown eyes to the to the deep sky blue ones. They all dressed a like from what I can see, but then again it was a mix of hollister and Nike sweats and Jack Wills and Super dry hoodie's. "I'm Hannah"

"We know who you are" He smiles a cheeky grin at me. "I'm Harry" He gives me a wink. I laugh and they all begin to introduce themselves. I even got a little medley from Liam and Louis.

You can learn a lot from a first impression and the first impression I am getting is, that 'One Direction' are massive fans of mine. They were calm but they keep shooting each other looks. Looks that I know very well. I also learned that they were even more crazier then I thought they were going to be. And lastly, they were very comfortable with each other.

I feel like I am analyzing them, I do that a lot, watch people behavior. I think the main reason I am doing it for them is because I am going to have to tour with them for the next three months. Which is crazy considering, I don't know them. 

All the adults were at a massive round table at the end of the massive, conference room/ recording studio.

I was sat on a massive round chair in the corner. Then there was a couch that seated three, but Liam and Zayn were sprawled out on. Niall sat perched on the armrest of the couch and then. Louis and Harry were in the love seat. They were all making jokes and they tried to involve me, but my main focus was to try and get some sleep. So after, Zayn had given me his coat to keep me warm, I laid my head on the side and closed my eyes.  Thats another thing I've noticed, they were so nice and polite as well as funny and humorous.

Even though I was trying to get to sleep. I couldn't help but listen to there strange banter. Random things came up in to there conversation. I didn't even make much sense. What I noticed was Louis managed to get the words Gnome, Cone, Toaster and Chile in to the conversation. But it made sense to all of them. At one point I thought they were just saying random stuff, because they knew I was listening.

But then they went on to they topic of me and I realized that it will be very hard to have a normal conversation with them.

"She's gorgeous isn't she" One of them said.

"She seems as if she doesn't want to be here" Another commented.

"She probably doesn't she has much better things she could be doing" That was Liam, his voice is so deep. 

"Like sky diving or swimming with dolphins"  I couldn't help but laugh a bit. Even though I didn't open my eyes, I knew they were looking at me.

"I think shes awake" Harry said in a sarcastic matter of fact tone.

"She lied to us she doesn't want to sleep" Louis said trying to sound hurt by my actions.

"Shh..." I put a finger to my lip, my eyes still closed. "I'm dreaming that I'm swimming with my dolphins" 

I hear them laugh a little. 

"I think we should tackle her" Niall said.

My eyes shot open just in time to feel the weight of five boys on top of me as I fell of the chair and on to the floor. 

"Get off, me" I whine. They laugh, but don't budge from the positions they were lying on me in. "Please, I'll socialize with you" I say trying to settle a deal with them. 

"No... We can socialize here" Zayn says, after some muttering. 

"Whos ass is this?" I say pinching someones bum. 

"Ooh Hannah, we've only knows each other 45 minutes" Louis says in a high pitch tone.

"JAKE" I shout. 

"Yeah" I hear him reply. 

"Why aren't you helping me" 

"I thinks its a good way for you to get to know each other" 

"Can I just say you are know help" I reply.

"You are getting heavy?" Harry says as he was on top of me his face digging into my shoulder. 

Soon Harry moaned more then me and they got off, of me. 

"Is that how you get to know all the celebrities you meet?" I ask, pulling my knees to my chest. 

"Only the special ones" Louis say winking at me. 

We laugh. 

Yeah I'm going to get along with these guys.