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Is this a Fairy tale?(A Fairy Tail Story)
Story published February 7, 2012 · updated March 30, 2012 · completed · 21 pages · 1,566 readers · 4,497 reads
Chapter 3: Attack
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Chapter 3: Attack of the Dark Guild

        A week has passed ever since you went on your first mission. It got a bit boring, nothing exciting really happened. It would be better if a war between a legal guild and a dark guild would happen, so that you can prove to all those people that even newcomers could be extremely powerful. You and Rihatsu we're sitting at a table. As always, Natsu and Gray are fighting. And out of the blue, you suddenly said something about he so-called 'Nullification Magic'.

        "Rihatsu, I don't know why, but when I fought some kind of woman at our last mission.. I realized that we had Nullification Magic."

        "Now that you mention it, we do. Mom and Dad probably cast a spell on us so that we can't use it until it's mentioned, very well played, mom and dad." He replied.

        "And maybe they did this so that we can use it once we're old enough and can control our magic." You added.

        "Yeah, maybe. Hey, let's go ask Mira if there are any dark guilds that we should attack, or something." Rihatsu said.

        "She's going to think we're crazy... But let's try!"

        So, the both of you wen to Mira to ask her if there are any dark guilds that you could take on. She said that one person wanted the fourth strongest dark guild to be destroyed, the Aftershock Guild. She also said that there are only three people in this guild, although they seem pretty strong. Some rumors said that Aftershock destroyed a whole city in less than ten minutes. Mira also told you to bring Gray with you, since you would probably be facing a water magician which can easily defeat a water user like Rihatsu. Even if you can use ice, all you know is the Roar of the Ice Dragon, which wont be useful because there are three people and one can easily save two. And it would be fair if the number of people would be even. At first, Gray wasn't sure if he wanted to come, I mean, that would mean Erza, Happy, Natsu, and Lucy would come, but then Juvia approached us and volunteered to come with us. Mira said that there are only three people in the guild, but considering that they're wanted, they probably got more members. So on and forth, you ended up in an unknown island, where the guild's headquarters was said to be located. 

        "We should split up into two groups, ice users and water users." You suggested.

        "But Juvia wants to be with Gray-Sama!" Juvia Said.

        "It would be better if each group had a support and an attacker, and considering that me and Chieko have healing powers, the ice users and the water users should split up. Also, the water users have the advantage of searching by water and ice mages have the advantage when searching by air." Rihatsu said.

        "They're right, Juvia." Gray said.

        "Well... if Gray-sama says so, Juvia will agree to it."

        And so, you split up into two groups. The water users went to the beach and headed to the water. Juvia could turn herself into water and Rihatsu could could control water, therefore Rihatsu could also breathe in it. Gray used his ice-make to make stairs and observe the ground to look for anything suspicious. You could control and create ice, which is similar to Gray's Ice make but you could change it at will rather than just being an inanimate object. You made ice wings and searched through the forest. The island was quite big, but no one knows why this island isn't familiar to the local people. While Rihatsu and Juvia we're searching the waters, the both of them encountered a member of the Dark Guild, Aftershock.

        "Ah, so I guess you're the people that I have to eliminate." Said a boy with white hair. His fringe falls to a point in the center of his face. 

        "I think that's my line." Rihatsu replied.

        "Ooh? Well then show me what you've got, water boy." He said. He summoned about 7 of his comrades.

        "Just as I thought, there are actually more than three members." Rihatsu said.

        "Rihatsu-san, Juvia will take care if his comrades, go ahead and attack the leader." Juvia said.

        "Yeah." Rihatsu Replied. "Hey you, snow head, bring it on! Roar of the Water Dragon: Target Lock!" Unlike other dragon slayer magic, you and Rihatsu could also use target lock, which enables your magic to follow the target until the target gets hit. 

        "You stupid water dragon are you trying to get me killed!?" He said furiously.

        "Well what do you think I'm here for?" Rihatsu Replied. "Wing Slash of the Water Dragon!"

        Unfortunately, the enemy was able to successfully counter it. "Fine, it's your choice if you want to die anyway!!" He said, as he threw multiple knives, swords and whatnot at Rihatsu. 

        "Ah... A fast requipper, eh? Well that won't work on me bro." Rihatsu replied. "Nullification!", although he tried to cast the spell, nothing happened, and he ended up getting hurt by a hundred blades. "What the... Impossible! Juvia! Let's do a Unison Raid!"

        "Well, ill do it for Gray-sama!"

        Juvia and Rihatsu joined hands and the both of them created a giant whirlpool turning in three-hundred miles per hour. "Unison Raid!" The both of them said. 

        Meanwhile, at the Ice Team, Gray found a hideout behind a waterfall, probably the base of operations of Aftershock. Gray decided to make a plan, but you were too excited and disturbed them in the middle of their meeting.

        "Okay! Whose the leader here!?" You asked vigorously, and you held an Ice Scythe in both of your hands.

        "Oi, oi! You should do that the next time you do these kind of missions!" Gray eventually ended up scolding you, in front of the enemies.

        "The leader would be me." A girl with red flowing hair said. 

        "No, wait, shut up, the both of us are in the middle of our conversation." You said.

        "Hey, little girl. You have guts talking to Akane-sama like that." Said a guy with blue hair and cat ears. his left eye seems to be blue while his right eye is black. He ran towards you and Gray with a hatchet in his hands. 

        "Aoi. I can handle the both of them myself, stay out of this." The leader said. 

        "Oh?! Looks like i'll have to cut that pride of yours into pieces!" You dashed to her and tried to stab her with the two scythes. "Midnight Dancer! Double Scythe Dance!" The leader, or Akane just dodged all your attacks and sent out a counter attack of her own.

        Meanwhile, in the other side of the island, Rihatsu and Juvia ended up defeated by the white-haired boy. The good thing is that they we're able to lead the fight to the shore, it wouldn't be quite fatal. The white-haired boy was eventually a member of Aftershock. He soon appeared before you and Gray moments after his battle with Rihatsu and Juvia.

        "Akane-sama, I have eliminated the other two intruders." He said. 

        "Good job, Shiroku."Akane, the leader said.

        "...Akane, watch out. That girl holds some potential in her." Said Shiroku.

        "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Cut the talk and fight me." You said with a proud tone. "Gray, stay behind me if you value your life." And so he did what you said. "Hidden Dragon Slayer Magic! Diminished Soul Palace of the Ice Dragon's Wrath!". And in an instant, ten and thousands of ice shards sprouted from the ground. Several thousand ice shards surrounded the island, the Gate of the Diminished Castle. and in the water fall, Ice shards formed a throne like seat, surrounded by shards of ice that would kill anything and anyone that would come through it. The whole island turned into an Ice Palace, and out of nowhere, Rihatsu appeared, carrying Juvia.

        "I can't believe that idiot fell for our trick." Rihatsu Said. "Although Juvia might have been really hurt, but she'll probably be fine." He added.

        You heard someone clap slowly. "Not bad, Ice dragon. But this won't be enough to kill me." Akane said, and she stood beside her bloody comrades, as they slowly fade away. "You might of had killed these useless jerks, but let's see whether or not your precious guild will survive this madness."

        "What are you talking about!?" Gray exclaimed.

        "Oh, you didn't know? Well, why do you think I only left two of my useless guild members with me here in the island?" Akane said, walking towards the four of you.

        "Don't tell me.." You said, with a slightly frightened expression on your face.

        "THAT'S RIGHT!! MY GUILD ATTACKED FAIRY TAIL AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" Akane said, followed by a maniacal laughter. Then, a sudden piercing sound was heard. 

        "Akane, that's enough." A man with indigo hair and green eyes appeared behind Akane with a katana in his hand. "I'm sorry for my sister's extreme idiocy. I am her older brother, Chrimo. I have been commanded by my father to destroy her and her guild if this ever happens. Come with me, I can teleport all of us to Magnolia, just close your eyes. Then, when you opened your eyes, you we're instantly at Magnolia. You and Rihatsu couldn't copy it due to lack of information. "Okay, listen, there are about three hundred members attacking Fairy Tail. Anyone who has magic that can hit multiple enemies, please come with me." You and Rihatsu decided to go forward and follow him. Gray and Juvia we're told to get into the Fairy Tail building and join the fight. "Okay listen, the both of you will have to attack from the ceiling, and then attack all the enemies below. Ill be going to the leader of the troops." And so the both of you did what he told you to do. 

        "Target Lock! Acid Rain!" The both of you said. You and Rihatsu were able to copy this magic when you were fighting with a crazed scientist when you were younger. All of the enemy troops have fallen and everyone in the guild was safe.

        Then, a maniacal laugh came from the stage. "The both of you are so stupid! Did your parents not teach you about not trusting strangers!?" The man that you met before, Chrimo, standing beside Akane and Shiroku. He was pointing his katana at the guild master, ready to strike. "If anyone tries to make a move, we will immediately kill your precious guild master." Said Akane.

        "MASTER!!" Said Erza. 

        "Erza..." Rihatsu said softly. "Let us handle this."

        You and Rihatsu put a wild grin on your faces and made your move. Before the enemy guild could notice it, you were able to strike Chrimo straight to the heart. In his last moments, you glared at him and said, "You bastard. Don't ever talk about my parents like that, you don't know anything." Rihatsu grabbed the guild master and and carried him off somewhere else. You, on the other hand decided to have your last showdown with Akane. "Everyone, evacuate the building, fast!!". Luckily, they cooperated and did what you said. Moments later, Rihatsu came back. "So I guess this will be a two on two showdown, eh?" He said.

        "Well, we have no choice but to use the magic we copied when we fought that guy last time." You said, trying to intimidate Akane and Shiroku. "Ultimate Attack! Meteor Strike!" "Complete Annihilation : Five Way Destruction!" You started to float in mid air, and the earth started to rumble. You opened your hand and a giant meteor appeared above you. Rihatsu started to shine brilliantly. Thunders started to roar, his hands were tainted with black fire, a whirlpool formed below him, winds started to go wild. Even animals started to go wild. You threw the meteor and Rihatsu unleashed raging thunder, wild winds, crazy blasts of fire, a strong force of gravity, and rapid water. And in an instant, the both of them were annihilated into ashes. Although the both of you almost ran out of magic power. This is the first time the both of you were able to use this kind of destructive magic due to the weak magic power you had when you learned this. The both of you regretted nothing. If you didn't unleash the ultimate technique, the guild would be destroyed. And so, you still did your job, but you didn't get the payment, the reward had to be used for the repairs of the guild. The both of you didn't actually notice that the attack was THAT powerful. Well, in the end of the day, the both of you had fun. The next day, you heard that the prince had been assassinated, although you didn't really love him, you still ended up being concerned. "Rihatsu, let's go to the guild and ask Mira if there are any jobs concerning the assassination of Prince Lucian." You said. "Well...okay.."