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Taken By Surprise (House of Anubis Love Story)
Story published February 8, 2012 · updated August 15, 2013 · 9 pages · 416 readers · 1,807 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm went off.
Ugh! Now? I just fell asleep! I think rolling out of bed and shutting off my alarm.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone pounds on the door.
"Austynn! Wake up!" a male voice says.
Wait? Male?
I open the door and see Alfie standing there in his uniform.
"Oh good! You're up!" He says walking into my room.
"Yeah sure Alfie come on in!" I say closing the door and walking over to my bed and sitting against the wall. "What do you want?"
"Well... I want to know what happened between you and Jerome last night."
Jerome won't tell me crap."
I smirk. "Well if Jerome isn't telling you anything neither am I. Now get out. I have to get ready." I push him out the door.
I change into this:  ,and cover my eye with make-up.
I go downstairs and see that the only open seat at the table is next to Jerome. I sit down and everyone stares at me. I grab my mirror from my bag and look at myself.
Crap! I forgot to cover my cheek.
"What happened to your cheek Austynn?" Amber asks picking at her food.
" Nothing. I just fell outside." I say covering my cheek with my hand.
"Really? Because that-"
"Just drop it Amber."
Why should I?"
" Forget it, I'm leaving." I grab my bag and get up. Then run up to my room. I shut my door and lean against it. "Why is it so hard to lie?" I walk over to my big mirror and cover my cheek up.
I just sit there until I hear a knock at my door. I get up and open the door.
"Hey. you wanna walk together to school? And maybe stop by the oak." Jerome says leaning up against the door frame.
"Yeah. Just lemme grab my bag." I grab it from my bed and we walk down stairs and out the door.
We start walking.
"So... What's up?" I ask looking up at the sky.
"Nothing." He says watching me. I give him a look.
"Alright! Did you tell Alfie anything about last night? Because he went to go talk to you after I didn't tell him anything." 
"No. I didn't tell him anything. He said that you didn't so I didn't either. What even happened last night after I fell asleep?" I walk over to our oak, drop my bag, and climb up the tree sitting on a branch. Jerome climbs up and sits next to me.
"Nothing much. You were a lazy-butt and made me carry you to your room. Then you wouldn't let me leave and started calling me 'Bunny'. It was weird." 
"Oh. So you don't like being called Bunny? HA! That's your new nickname now!" I laugh.
"No please."
Sorry. Already said it...... Bunny." 
"Fine how would you like it if I called you...... Puppy!"
"Puppy? That's what you came up with? Really?"
"Shut up."
"Aw..... Is wittle Jerome not happy?" I say in a baby voice.
"HA!" I start laughing and lean back, a little too much and I lose my balance and fall.
I land on my foot. 'CRACK!'
Oh crap.
"AUSTYNN! Oh my god! Are you okay?!?!?!" Jerome says jumping down and rushing over to me.
"Ow. Ow. OW! Stop touching it!!!!!!!" I say as Jerome takes off my right shoe.
"Sorry. You wanna take off your sock?"
"Yeah." I try to move my leg, but pain shoots up my body. "No. You can do it."
He gently took my sock off. 
Oh god.  My ankle is swollen bad.
"Here lemme carry you." He grabs my bag, stuffed with my sock and shoe, then picks me up.  I put my arms around his neck and he walks back to the house.
Jerome opens the door and walks in. "TRUDY! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" He asks going into the living room and sets me down on the couch propping up my leg.
"Right here De- What happened?" Trudy says walking into the room..
"I fell out of a tree." I say. 
"Oh hunny! Let me grab my coat and I'll drive you to the hospital, Jerome thank you for bringing her here. You may... You know what you can carry her around, so you may be excused from school." Trudy left the room.
"Yes!" Jerome says jumping up and down.
"WHOA! Calm down and come over here to carry me." I say putting my hands up.
"Fine." He walks over and picks me up.
"Alright kids let's go." Trudy says coming down the stairs.
Jerome and I, kinda, follow her out to the car. Jerome sets me down in the back seat and sits in the front seat. 
*30 Minutes Later*
We arrive at the hospital and Jerome walks me in and sets me in a wheelchair. He wheels me to the front desk with Trudy
right behind us.
"Excuse me?" Jerome says to the nurse sitting there.
"Yes? How may I help you?" She says looking up at him.

"My friend fell out of a tree and we think that she may have broke her ankle."
"Well follow me and we will see."

She started down the hallway and we followed her into a room.

"Alright I need her to be alone while I do the x-ray. You two may sit in the hall while you wait." The nurse says taking me out of Jerome's grasp. She wheels me into the room and closes the door.