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Fly Away With Me *A Peter Pan Love Story*
Story published February 10, 2012 · updated November 2, 2013 · completed · 20 pages · 3,223 readers · 25,246 reads
Chapter 9; Always
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Chapter 9; Always and Forever

*3rd Person POV*
Well? What happened then?
Did Lucy go home, and grow up like her sister?
Or had she chosen to stay with Peter,Tinkerbell,and all the others in Neverland;where she would never grow up?
Never have to deal with getting married by force, or have to deal with living on the streets,and being alone.
But, what was Lucy thinking about all of this?
When truthfully, she hadn't begun to think of it at all.
*Lucy's POV*
I felt happy. I felt wanted. And I felt loved.
I never thought that this would happen, but as I watch Peter and myself laughing and goofing off while we fly back home
I could finally say I have one. I could finally feel like my sister. She was stupid. She didn't know what she had when she wanted to grow up.
She had an amazing man, who was inlove with her.
Wendy will always be Peter's first love, and I accept that. He loves me now,and that's what counts.
She grew up. Then, as I looked into Peter's eyes, the thought occured to me.. Growing up. I didn't even think of it! I don't want to grow up! I want to stay here, and be with Peter..
But what about my family. My mother. She still loved me. She would bring me food and Wendy's old clothes when I was in the streets.
Micheal. He would come with her. I treated him better than Wendy had. I would sit there,and tell him stories, while John and Wendy were at school. But what else is for me there? No one else would miss me,no one else even cared.
I would still talk to Peter about it. But for now, I would live in the moment.
We were back home,and I gave Peter a peck, before sliding in. Peter slid in after me, with a goofy smile on his face, and I giggled, although I probably had one that mimicked it. Peter kissed me again, and I could feel the heat coming to my cheeks.
I heard the boys  before I saw them. They came sliding through various entrances, screaming and yelling.
Once they all came down, they started talking rappidly to Peter. He said somthing that  I couldn't catch, and the boys slowly looked over at me. Their eyes looked like saucers, and they came running and gave me a hug. Their hug was suffocating me, but I didn't pull away. I hugged all of them back just as tight, and laughed as they told me the tales of how they were looking for me everywhere. Now that I look back on it, it was quit funny.
I went outside, and made a fire so we could start eating.
Dinner was the same as always, I sat next to Peter, and he held my hand under the table. We laughed and talked, but my mind was somewhere else.
When Peter and I went to bed, I waited till the rest were asleep before starting to whisper to him.
"Peter?" I asked. "What is it LitttleLucy?" He asked,catching the questioning tone in my voice.
"Do I have to go back?" I asked quietly, "You know, back to London. Back to the streets."
"I didn't think of that. But, if that's what you wish." That didn't help me, but I still said thank you, and goodnight. I whispered," I love you." Before starting to fall asleep.
Just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt strong arms wrap around me, and heard him whisper;
"You know that place between sleep and awake; that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you. That's where I will be waiting." I felt him kiss the crook of my neck and whisper, 'I love you', before resting his head in the crook of my head, and falling asleep.
I smiled, and whispered; "Always and Forever." Before falling asleep to the sound of his soft snores..
I wish on a star,
It seems very far,
But I know that it will come true.
I wish for you Peter,
From afar,
And I wish to come fly,
With you.

To Love... Will Be A Great Adventure
~Victoria Michaelis origional poem. No stealing