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Kisame love story
Story published February 12, 2012 · completed · 3 pages · 249 readers · 316 reads
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You loved to swim...yep you really did, you would swim for hours on end and you have been swimming ever since you were 3, and when traveling anywhere you would make sure you got some swimming in, people thought you were insane as when places needed the use of a boat to get you where you were going you would simply jump in the water and swim no matter what you were wearing. 

You wore light clothing and fought with fans as well as your fists, your chakra natures were water and wind and so you controlled them with your fans, and due to your love of water it made fighting on water easy for you!

At the moment you were swimming towards a shore on the horizon when you got caught up in a storm and huge tidal waves and after a hard struggle of trying to swim through it you got knocked out by a log that was lost at eventually washed up on a sandy beach but you were still out of it, you opened your eyes briefly only to see a blue skinned man and then you passed out.

You re-awoke in a bedroom yet your savior was absent from the room,

“Hm, where am i?” you said to yourself as you sat up on the bed and looked around, you jumped off the bed and went towards the door and just as you were about to grab the handle it turned and opened causing you to jump backwards, you then looked upon the blue skin that you remembered when you awoke on the beach,

“Hey are you feeling better!?” he asked,

“Um...uhuh!” you replied as you looked upon his shark like appearance, “Um..thank you for saving me!” you added and he smiled and thats when you saw his teeth and your eyes widened slightly but then returned to normal as you watched him take a step closer to you in order to get out of the doorway,

“ i’m Kimari,” you introduced,

“Kisame,” he replied and you smiled, you weren’t at all a judging person, in your perspective everyone was beautiful in their own way and there was something about Kisame he was unique...and your kind of strangeness! 

“So what were you doing swimming that far out in that weather?” Kisame asked and you smiled,

“Well i was trying to get to the village that was some way out there and not where exactly is here!?” you replied and Kisame laughed,

“This is the Akatsuki hideout, so you like to swim then?” he replied and you smiled,

“Yeah i love the water, its my second home, i swim everywhere...well when i’m not walking that is!” you explained and Kisame smirked,

“I enjoy swimming to, maybe we can go swimming together sometime!?” Kisame suggested and felt completely stupid saying it as you chuckled,

“I’d love to!” you replied making his face light up and he smiled, at first you thought he might have mistook what you said for ‘i love you’ in stead of ‘i’d love to’...but in a matter of fact he was so glad to have someone be happy to do something with him, other than Itachi which was the only one in the Akatsuki that he got on with.

After a couple of days being at the Akatsuki you made friends with the other members and you spent a lot of time with Kisame who naturally you grew closer to, although you didn’t know it, you were in love with him, when Kisame wasn’t around you, you felt sad, so you would search for him and when you found him, just seeing his wonderful pale blue skin immediately made you happy.

“Hey Kimari!” Kisame called out as he joined you sitting out on the beach that day,

“Hey Kissy!” you replied, Kissy was your pet name for him, every time you called him it, it made him roll his eyes.

“Hey can we talk!?” he asked as he sat down,

“Erm..sure okay, wait this isn’t about the tuna sandwich is it because Dei said it belonged to no one!” you replied with a worried face causing Kisame to snigger,

“No, no its a lot serious then that!” he replied and you smiled,

“Okay..what is it??” you asked,

“I want to know where me and you can go!?” he began and you looked puzzled,

“Whatcha mean?” you asked and Kisame looked at you with a gentle smile and wasn’t quite sure how to answer with words so he placed his hand on the back of you neck and thats when you realized what he meant,

“Um...Kisame...” you mumbled as you backed away but Kisame took grip on your arm and he was almost twice the size of you and ten times stronger so you were unable to break out of his grip and he pulled you in closer and closer until he pushed a kiss onto your lips, it was forceful and fierce, his lips were cold and tasted like ice water, you placed your other hand on his chest and attempted to push him away as he pulled back his eyes widened and he threw you down, you were now lying on the sand he remained sitting next to you and he was slightly disappointed as well as angry with himself, he never thought you would be so objective to kissing him, you sat up and looked at Kisame, you saw the sadness in his eyes,

“I’m sorry Kissy,” you said as you placed your hand on his shoulder and he looked at you,

“No i’m the one who’s sorry, bet you’d never go out with me now, its just...i want you so much that i cant help myself!” he replied and you smiled at him,

“Oh i wouldn’t count on that, Kisame after all i’d be kidding myself if i said i didn’t love you, the kiss was just unexpected!” you replied and Kisame looked at you with his eyes wide as you moved in closer and kissed him gently on the could definitely guaranty you would be swimming with Kisame a lot more often!! ^_^