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A Matt Hunter love story; (On Hold)
Story published February 12, 2012 · updated May 21, 2012 · 13 pages · 663 readers · 4,075 reads
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 Name: Angela Rose

Age: 13
Birth date: June 8th
Background story: Pretty much your average teenage girl living in New York, going to school, getting straight A’s. I have three best friends. Baylee, Hannah, and Matt. Well, Matt’s actually my boyfriend. Matthew Alexander Hunter. ♥ Any who, we’re all really close, and we all conveniently live on the same block. Though it may seem nice, my life wouldn’t even go near the word “perfect.” My parents are divorced. I never even met my real dad. My mom’s evil. She always ends up getting with a new guy every 2 weeks, and when they leave her, she takes it out on me. But my friends always seem to make everything better ♥