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Evil presence
Story published February 13, 2012 · updated December 22, 2012 · 5 pages · 30 readers · 77 reads
Prologue and about
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Prologue and about me.

At first it was really weird moving schools, but i got used to it quite quickly. My mom liked to move around alot, well mostly because she didnt like the houses we lived in. Not because of the way they looked, or the neighbours or anything like that, she just didnt like the way the houses felt, she senced an evil presence within the houses. Mad eh? But the things that have been happening would keep you away at night. Not just any normal, creaky floorboards or squeeky doors. Things were being flung around the house, and i me and my mum have both been phsycally and mentally hurt.

Anyway, hey! My name is Tilly goude, I'm 14 years old and im quite mad to be honest.
I get along with people really well, Moving schools dosent really bother me anymore.
I love animals, any type of animal. I have a dog and two cats and two horses.
The horses are on full livery right now untill we can find a ranch which we can move them too.
My hair is natuaraly mouse brown but i like to experiment with it. Right now my hair is blonde with pink highlights.
I currently live in sommerville, California and we have been living there for 6 months.
I have an amazing boyfriend called Jacob Anne Lightwell who is a year older than me.
He lives in Greu town, a few miles from sommerville and he goes to a diffrent school but we see each other weekly.
My dad, well if i still have a dad, He is/was in the army and he left to go to afghanistan to look after the citizins but he hasent came back, we dont know if he has been killed or if he is still out there. I havent met him yet because he left 3 days before i was born.
Anyways, enough of that.

Sorry for splling mistakes, Read on.
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