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Cute Emo Love Stories
Story published February 14, 2012 · updated July 23, 2013 · 207 pages · 19,926 readers · 272,592 reads
Tyler (The Singer)
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Tyler (The Singer)

Back to meh normal stories guys :)
Your P.O.V= Red   Tyler= Blue    Steph= Pink   Teacher= Green

It was an average day for you as your crawled along your bed to the tainted sun windows and admired the view of the sluts, hanging in their yards,slurping up there cola revealing beneath the slim cut boob tubes. You sighed in laughter as one chocked on their straw, the silence of the outside world cut off by the double glazing. A perfect opportunity to practice your singing. You see, as much as you never sung for the public, you loved to sing, in private while you were alone to comfort your needs of perfection. It was also a great chance for you to seize a moment with the love of your life. Tyler. He didn't know in fact, you barely though for one minute he would even know you existed, you see he was the school band's lead singer and had the best melodic voice you had ever heard and his screamo a pleasantry for your ears. He was that good he held his own gigs and got all the girls from the audiences, but, it hurt, you loved him so so much. More than any fan could possibly see. The silver lining of all your problems. You were "emo" just like him and his band, yet, he only saw the average sluts and whores. Never saw past any of their veneers. Your heart constantly breaking as the days went on. One thing struck you down more than anything. It was one of his concerts, the Sunday coming up (Monday today for this story ;3) and out of every girl that auditioned to sing "Bulletproof Love by Pierce The Veil" (my fave band xD I think) one of the prep's got the part and her singing was the equivalent to a baby rat drowning in the sewage, not to mention she looked very much like that to. You needed that part so bad, just to come close to him. Sighing you got dressed for the day and placed your headphone's in your ears as you sang to "Sleeping with Sirens- If you can't hang" laying on the greens of your backyard. The sun missing you as the shade ate you whole, cooling the darks of your band tee. Dreaming of the possibilities of been with Tyler for just a minute of your life in the audition room. However, your friend Stephanie came to interrupt.
"Guess what?" You looked puzzled from her excite. 

"Well, you know you got this morning off due to finishing your course real early?"
"Well, Mr Garnett-Jones has set up an audition this morning and whoever is picked today out of the final contestants sing with Tye! You gotta get in there ______. Sing your heart out, me and Brad will be there to back you up all the way!"
"Kayo's" Your smile was retrieved, you had your chance so you didn't want to mess up! Knowing Mr Jones he would make you sing a melodic song to see the true blues  behind your voice. You didn't mind much, you just wanted to hear Tyler sing!
Without a moment to lose your headphones were dropped from your ears as the echoing of screeches and trembling voices was heard from the music block of your school. You were a little late but it didn't matter as you crept through the door and joined the back of the que. Tyler had demanded that all should attempt to sing "Who Are You Now by Sleeping With Sirens." You shrieked in excitement. I'm not to bad at this song!
However, your heart sank as Penelope London entered the stand and sung to the point where your ears bled for the begging of quality but Tyler cheered and put her name down. If that was what they expected, you were going to lose by far!

"umm, _______ ________!" You slowly entered the stand, a sweat building up on your for head. A tear slipping as Tyler looked up, disappointed you were next." Maybe if I fail I can leave his life?
"Well?" Tye sounded more ignorant than you imagined but he softened up when saw how you actually felt
"I'm sorry, it's just all the other contestant wanted me to be harsh on them so they could have a true grade. I mean, go ahead sing your heart out lovely, I wont be harsh on you." His delicate voice made you smile and a tear slipped down your face as you whispered "I love you" to him for luck. 
The music started and your mouth opened. Your singing taking over your words like every sentence was a sweet melody written for the soothing of a broken heart in need of replace. You watched as Stephanie was glaring deep at Tyler while hugging close to her bf Brad. Something was wrong with her, good or bad, but you continued to sing all the way to the end as the teachers applauded you. 

"______ ________ _________!" (full name) "That is the best singing so far, you are definatly in!" A tear of happiness slid down your face but soon disspeared as you watched Tyler mutter something before placing down your name. You walked off stage, head down your bangs covering your beaufitul face as you dissapeared into the crowd to Stephanie and Brad. 
"_____, You were amazing!" They exclaimed in excitment. "Even Tye loved it!" 
"Oh _____, did you not see, I had to give him a look to see through it and I was right, he cried a tear of happiness and was mumbling and smiling as he wrote down your name!"
"I guess, but that doesn't mean anything, he could have been cursing and I don't blame him."
You turned to look back at him as the girls continued to pile on the stage, his smile, his laugh, his sweetness, you loved it so much. Looking back as you walked, having Stephanie guide you along. It was perfect. Leaving the block you turned as he flicked his hair, his eyes in a deadly connection with yours as you hurried along. 
"_______! Snap out of it!"

-skipping to sunday morning-

Your mind and heart buzzed with excitement as you walked through the entrance of the competition stadium. Looking at the papers of names filling Tylers hands, you hoped deep inside he was going to say you won the opportunity to sing with him, by his side, forever in his warm embrace.
"Lady's and Gentlemen, I have come to my conclusion of who the lucky lady is tonight, to sing by my side, Bulletproof love by Pierce The Veil. Today's winner is Penlope...."
Your heart sank deep.
"Please help ______ on to the stage so she can sing by me" You face lit up the audience lights as the crowd cheered taking your position. Without a word in edge ways, you sang together, and as the chorus came he took your hand,and held it tight, releaving the nerve you felt. You let a tear of sadness drip down your face as the song nearly ended knowing he would let go but he saw. He continued to hold until he bent down on his knees as the audience went silent.
"_______, I'm fed up of having your pretty face been owned by someone not worth your while, ready and waiting to break you, you deserve better and i'm here for you always and forever, and I love you _______! I always have, and I couldn't help but always see the sorrow you carried in your eyes. I'm here to heal your wounds." He kissed you gently.
"I love you to Tyler, I always have and I mean, I adore everything about you. I can't be without you, it hurt to see you react around all the prep's but your my saviour to my sorrow, the healer of my wounds and the one for our love to set this world on fire."

"Hehe, I see what you did there Miss BVB" His winking making you smile as you enclosed another kiss.
(Rest is up to you) ;3