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Arranged Marriage: Finished
Story published February 16, 2012 · updated May 6, 2012 · completed · 41 pages · 4,224 readers · 34,616 reads
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Hermione's P.O.V.

I sat in my little condo in Paris, Harry, Ron, and Ginny were over for breakfast. We each take turns having each other for breakfast or dinner each week. "So Harry what's it like working for the Minister of Magic. I know you help make some pretty big choices."

"Oh, its great. I love working there." he said taking a sip of tea as Ginny took his hand. Oh, forgot to mention Harry and Ginny are engaged, Ron and I would be, but we broke up some time after the war, since it felt awkward for two best friends to be dating.

"Really anything new, since your in the law department and you make all the new laws." I said

"No, but best part is if a new law is to be put in, it must go past me first." he said

"Awesome," I squealed with joy as a owl flew through the window with a three papers. We each paid for ours, I turned to the front cover to read that a new law has been put in place for anyone between the ages 17- 29 will have arranged marriages. If they are not already married or engaged, "Harry James Potter, are you serious arranged marriages!" I screamed at him.

"Yes, but it had to be done." he said as Ginny gave him a glare.

"When are we to find out who we are to marry?" I asked with the paper crumpled in my hand.

"Tomorrow, morning till noon. If you don't find out then you must contact the Ministry immediately or be thrown in jail.Oh, and you must report to the Ministry. A letter will arrive shortly later tonight."

"Harry, your cruel." I snapped at him.

"Yeah, what if we end up with a Slytherin. Like what if I end up with Pansy?" Ron asked

"Don't worry guys trust me I doubt that will happen." Harry assured  us.

"Who's arranging  the marriages?" Ron and I asked.

"Um... well we have a magic hat thing. Where we have the Minister of Magic go up to a stage and pull a Woman's name and a Male's name from the hat. You see its easy and simple." he assured us again with a smile, as he took another sip of tea. If you've known Harry as long as I have you would know that he drinks the nearest liquid, when he is thirsty.

"What are the requirement?" I asked him.

"Um.. well you must marry your partner in five months time, then you must live together for two years." he said

"Ok, not as bad as it sounds. Marry and live with each other for two years, before you can get another partner. If you don't want them anymore," I said shrugging my shoulders as I looked at Ron and Ginny, who agreed that it seemed easy, "Wait this is to easy." I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, you can get a divorce and a new partner after two years of living with each other, but..."

"Whats the catch?" I asked

He sighed heavily, "You must produce one child before the divorce may happen or you may not have one at all, until you have had a child. Also the ministry has made special neighborhoods for the arranged marriage groups," he said looking at the time, "Well come along Ginny, I have work and we have to get you to your Healers job." 

Later that day, at almost eight O' clock at night. I sat in my study working on some work for my job at Hogwarts, when an owl flew in the opened window. It was a ministry owl, I took the letter, gave the owl an owl treat, and then the owl flew away.  I opened the letter, very slowly. My heart was beating very fast.

The letter read...

Gear Ms. Granger,
We are here to tell you that you must report to the Ministry of Magic to receive your partner for the arranged marriage law. 
The Magic Law Enforcement.

I let out a sigh, then put the letter on my desk and headed up to bed. This was actually a bit exciting to me, as long as I didn't end up with Malfoy or any one in his gang, well actually I wouldn't mind spending two year married to Theodore I mean I had a small school girl crush on him in fourth year. I thought to myself as I climbed into bed as Crookshanks jumped up on the other side. "Night Crookshanks" I said as I turned out the lights and she meowed at me.