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Camp Rock: The 2nd Generation
Story published February 17, 2012 · updated June 1, 2013 · 4 pages · 720 readers · 4,004 reads
Shane and Mitchie'
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Shane and Mitchie's daughter =)

Hey Hey!!!!!!!!! =D

I'm Natalie Gray!!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hyper!!!!! XD Only because my Uncle Jason gave me coffee :)

So, you see why he's my favorite uncle XD But, I love Uncle Nate too =)

Anyway, here's my info:

Age: 13


Parents: Shane and Mitchie Gray

Uncles: Nate and Jason Gray :) Best uncles ever!!!!! XD

Aunts: Dana Gray, She's married to Uncle Nate :)

Siblings: I'm an only child, baby!!!!!! :D

Cousins: Destiny, Annmarie, Selena, and Macy

Talents: I sing, write music (For singing and the instruments that I play :D)

Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Flute and Violin.

Well, That's everything =) Bye Bye!!!!!
Well, That's everything =) Bye Bye!!!!!

  *Picture credits go to Google or Weheartit*

All credits go to Disney. I only own the characters that I made up and any events that I add.