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Camp Rock: The 2nd Generation
Story published February 17, 2012 · updated June 1, 2013 · 4 pages · 736 readers · 4,097 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

*Natalie's Point of View*

Just a few more days of school and it will FINALLY by summer break. What to do, what to do.......I started listening to the teacher again when I heard something about a music camp. My parents meet at a music camp. They have told me the story at least 100 times....maybe 200.

Teacher:Here is a flyer for Camp Rock. It is a music camp. All the details are on the flyer. Natalie can you help me pass these out?

I got up to help her and she whispered to me "Don't forget you're desk." then she smiled at me. Everyone knew how big on music that I was.

That afternoon, I ran home, so excited about Camp Rock.

Me:I'm home!!!!!!!!
Mom:Hey honey. How was you're day?
Me:Boring as usual, but at the end of the day our teacher handed out these flyers. I think I might have my summer planned :)

I gave my mom the Camp Rock flyer and her face lit up. She was grinning so big. We walked in the kitchen and she showed the flyer to dad. He seemed so happy too. 

Me:Why are y'all so happy?
Mom:This is the camp that me and your dad meet.

Sorry that it's short. The next chapter will be longer :)

  *Picture credits go to Google or Weheartit*

All credits go to Disney. I only own the characters that I made up and any events that I add.