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Naruto One Shots! (Akatsuki included.) :3
Story published February 18, 2012 · updated March 9, 2013 · 134 pages · 33,656 readers · 266,391 reads
Sasuke Uchiha
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Sasuke Uchiha

"Hey! Move it." A voice came from behind Kaede. She turned and looked up to see the raven haired boy known as Sasuke glaring at her. "What are you gonna do Uchiha?" Kaede growled in response. "Hn." He grunted before walking off. "Idiot." Kaede grumbled before standing up.

She subcontiously rubbed her arms as wind blew her way. The sun was just going down and she began to walk to Ichiraku's for some dinner. She pushed her purple hair to the left side of her face covered her right eye with her bangs. Kaede's eyes were different colours and for that she was labelled a freak like her friend Naruto.

When she finally got to Ichiraku's she noticed Naruto stuffing his face with food and Sakura flirting with Sasuke. Kaede walked over to Naruto and team 7's table and sat across from Sasuke, who sat next to Sakura. 

"What are you doing here freak?" Sakura asked glaring at the girl. Kaede shifted her head to hid her right eye. "Im here to eat, im aloud to spend it with my team." Kaede growled. "Well your not welcomed... right Sasuke?" Sakura asked shifting closer to the Uchiha. "Sakura. Shut up." Sasuke mumbled as he at some ramen. Kaede smirked at the shocked Sakura.

"OH KAEDE! HEY!" Naruto yelled with a mouth full of ramen. "Hey." Kaede smiled. She felt someone watch her, and turned to see Sasuke glaring at Naruto and her. Kaede shrugged it off and bought a bowl of ramen. When she finished she paid for her food and began to leave. "OH KAEDE! DONT FORGET WE HAVE A MISSION TOMMOROW!" Naruto yelled. Kaede turned and nodded before walking home. 

The village was quiet and most people would be asleep. She felt someone watching her and turned to see Sasuke Uchiha trailing behind her. "Oh." She said before looking forward again. "Whats that meant to mean?" He growled into her ear. Kaede jumped at how close he had gotten in such short time. "My problem is you." Kaede growled walking ahead. 

"What did i ever do?" Sasuke asked.

Kaede's mind went to another place as she remembered why she hated him so much now. 


"Sasuke?" The little Kaede asked her best friend. Ever since Itachi had left Sasuke wouldnt speak to her. Not at all. He sat down in the middle of a field that they would train at. It was late and Kaede found him here. "Hey Sasuke. You kno-." "Go away." Sasuke growled looking at the ground where he sat. "Huh?" Kaede asked, confused. "I said go away." Sasuke repeated. "But Sasuke. Im nly trying to he-." "JUST GO AWAY! I DONT NEED YOUR PITY!" Sasuke screamed jumping from the ground and screaming in her face.

"I was just..." Kaede looked down trying to hide her tears that formed in her eyes. She clenched her fists. "Why wont you talk to me?" Kaede asked, as a few tears strayed from her face. "I told you... i dont need your pity. I told you to go. away." He growled.

Kaede's head shot up and Sasuke was surprised as Kaede's eyes were puffy and red, and tears ran down her cheek. Kaede never cried. Never. Even when she was little. Kaede clenched her teeth and restrained herself from hitting her now ex-best friend in the face.

"FINE! SASUKE UCHIHA! YOUR NO LONGER MY BEST FRIEND! I. HATE. YOU! I WISH... I WISH ITA-KUN KILLED YOU!" She screamed before running away to her home. 

Sasuke stood there in complete shock. She wished... he killed me? He thought. He only did that to keep from hurting her... He didnt want to hurt her. but.. he did.


Kaede came back to reality and looked at Sasuke. "Because you made me lose my best friend." She whispered. "What?" He asked. "I cant believe you dont remember." Kaede growled clenching her fists. Before she could run off Sasuke grabbed a hold of her hand. He pulled her back and forced her to look at him. "Remember what?" He asked.

"THAT YOUR AN IDIOT!" Kaede screamed as she yanked her hand away and ran home. "KAEDE WAIT!" Sasuke called after her but she ignored him and she ran to the field, they use to play at. 

As she sat down she looked up at the starry sky. She felt tears roll down her cheeks as she looked up. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before she heard footsteps behind her. She felt them sit behind her and took a side glance to see Sasuke staring at the sky.

Kaede pulled her knees up to her chin and rested her chin onto her knees, as she wrapped her arms around her legs. "Why are you here?" She asked Sasuke. Before she knew it Sasuke wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her to him. She looked up to see him looking at her straight in the eyes. He leant down and gently placed his lips to hers.

After a few seconds Sasuke pulled away and stared into the eyes of Kaede. "Im sorry." He whispered before kissing her once again.

Your Forgiven

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