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Human Doll
Story published February 19, 2012 · updated July 22, 2012 · 11 pages · 192 readers · 482 reads
Human Doll - Chapt
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Human Doll - Chapter 1

Famen's POV
I didn't believe anything 'odd'. Life just goes on just as it should be. Nothing less, nothing more. I'm not saying that I wouldn't freak out if something did happen, but I just don't believe it. The only odd things that happen are the people in prison. 

Well, that's what I thought at first. 

"Dude! That was an awesome kick! You should be the soccer captain or something!" exclaimed my best friend since elementary school. 

"You're noisy," I complained, not looking at him. "Besides, that was just a normal kick like everyone else's."
Soccer practice just ended and Nigel is here, waiting for me as always since he has
nothing else better to do. 

He laughed, his jet black hair covering his eyes. "Nah, I can't even kick that fast."

"You don't even like soccer."

His laughter erupted again. "Well, true. I prefer something more manly like going to haunted houses and-"

I landed my tired gaze at him. "That again? Really, I don't understand how we're best friends when we're entirely opposite."

"Or maybe you're just too wimpy." He nudged my arm. 

Walking faster to the parking lot, I noticed that Nigel was carrying a black notebook. When he saw me looking at it, he placed it in his pocket. He knew well that I hate seeing that notebook. The notebook that contained his wacky supernatural ideas for ghosts. 

"Famen. About that abandoned hospital. Can you-"

"No," I replied quickly.

"Come on! You don't believe in anything 'crazy' so just come with me," he pleaded.

"Why don't you just go yourself?"
Almost to my mom's car. 

"You already know how my mom won't believe me if I told her I'm going to the library."

"Exactly the point."

"Come on, Famen. Just this once! Then I won't bother you ever again with it."

"Still a no."
I'm pretty sure you won't stop bothering me with it. 

"Please, please, please?" He tangled his hands together as he jumped in front of me.

"I have to get home," I said, motioning to a calm woman in a silver Corolla. 

"We're going home in the same car."

"Your mom is coming here!" I yelled with an alarmed face, pointing to my right. 

He jumped and looked. "WHERE?!" 

I ran to my car, followed by Nigel's curses. I laughed as I locked all the car doors on him. 

"Just come with me. It's just for a day." Nigel ended up staying in my house, saying to his parents that it was a sleepover or something. But I knew he just made that excuse just to urge me to go to that abandoned hospital just a little bit outside of town. This has been going for weeks now. 

"Again, no." I tried my best to look like I'm concentrating on my homework.

Nigel groaned and plopped down on my bed. "You're a difficult person to persuade."

A pause. 

"You know they say there's a ghost of a girl that died during her surgery." 

"Should it concern me?" 

He ignored my question. "They say that once you see her, you'll be captivated by her beauty and suffer through her pain." 

"Nigel. I really need to finish my homework." 

"Then come with me to the hospital tomorrow and I'll stop by then."

I sighed. "Right."

"I'm serious. I'll do the pinky promise if I have to!" He held out his pinky.

I sighed again. "Fine."