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True Feelings [Edward Cullen]
Story published February 24, 2012 · updated 8 months ago · 237 pages · 15,381 readers · 220,843 reads
Helena Piercen
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Helena Piercen

Name: Helena piercen

Age: 18 (Forever)

Birthday: 1st May

Species: Vampire

Changed by: unknown

Special ability: She can look into peoples pasts and can make people see what she wants them to see

Personaily: Kind-hearted, friendly, loving, caring, helpful, selfless, cheerful, strong-willed.

Appearence: (Pic) She has dark brownc hair, Gold eyes (Pale Blue, human), a slim body lining, a kind face.

Crush: None yet

Family: Elizabeth Piercen, Christopher Piercen (Parents), Alice Cullen (Sister)

Friends: She is friends with Aro Vultori, the denali coven, and some other vampire around the world

Hobbies: Reading, writing in her diary, singing, playing piano, running, listening to music and shopping.

Hey i'm Helena, i'm 18 years old and yes i'm a vampire. I was distraught when my sister died because we were really close siblings. We did nearly everything together and i believed that she could see visions. A couple of months after she died i found out that our dad had payed somebody to kill her. I was going to tell the police but i was attacked by an unknown vampire. Somebody saved me but i can't remember who... i've just found out that Alice is a vampire too and is living in Forks. I've got to go find my sister since i havn't seen her in years! Best get going! Byee xx :D 

Trailer for story: (Spoilers alert!!!)

Hey guys, this is Caitlin! Thanxs so much for reading this story it means a lot! Hope this charecter profile wasn't too boring for you. Please do read on! Also, please check out my profile and other It would definately mean a lot to me! Thanxxs so much for reading!

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This is a story for all my perfect readers,

         - Caitlin