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Keith Harkin Love Story
Story published February 25, 2012 · updated February 29, 2012 · 14 pages · 13,839 readers · 51,094 reads
On The Road
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On The Road

The guys and I are touring around the US and its just been an amazing trip. Every time I come with the guys to America it gets better and better. It amazes me how many fans Celtic Thunder has here in the States. Keith is always telling me stories about other little trips he makes to the states and what different experiences he has each time. Keith is the sweetest guy I know. I love him so much that if he wasn't here I wouldn't know what I would do. It's just really hard to be in a relationship and be in the same room as each other and want to tell somebody, but I don't want to interfere with his career. The first stop in the US is Seattle, WA. I have friends and family here, but I moved to Ireland to go to college and I went to one of Keith's shows at a local pub and after his performance we talked and he bought me a drink and that's pretty much how our relationship started. After the show Keith took me into one of the back rooms and we kissed, then all of a sudden Damian walked in.