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The Headmasters Grandaughter (a Harry Potter love story
Story published February 25, 2012 · updated May 25, 2012 · 2 pages · 71 readers · 240 reads
Vanessa Ann Lupin
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Vanessa Ann Lupin Dumbledore

Name: Vanessa Ann Dumbledore

Age: 14

Pet: black and white owl named Snow 

Family: Arianna Lupin-Dumbledore(Great aunt Deceased), Albus Dumbledore(Grandfather), Annabelle Lupin-Dumbledore(Mother), Remus Lupin(father), John Lupin- Dumbledore(younger brother), Casey Lupin-Dumbledore(younger sister),Samantha Lupin-Dumbledore(Older sister) Aberforth Dumbledore(Great uncle),

Favorite Color: Purple, Pink, and, blue

Favorite Teacher: All

Least favorite Teacher: None

 Favorite subject: Potions

Least favorite Subject:  None

Crush: Harry Potter

House: Gryffindor

Boggart: Snake

Patronus: Lion

Clothing style: Preppy

Favorite Quidditch Team: Ireland

Quidditch position: Chaser

Info: Hi my name is Vanessa Ann Lupin-Dumbledore.I am a 4. th year Gryfindor My family and I live in Dumbledore Hall. I love to sing, prank, and dance.  I have two brothers and three sisters. My sister’s names are Casey Lupin-Dumbledore and Samantha Lupin-Dumbledore. Casey (ten years old), loves to draw, act. Samantha (seventeen years old) is Head girl, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain (Keeper). My brothers name is John Lupin-Dumbledore. John is eight years old and loves to play pranks on his family. My siblings and I are all half- Veela and I am an Animagus (I turn into a Lioness). I have been to Hogwarts many times before and I know all the teachers and subjects taught there.


I do not own any Charecters Jk rowling made or Harry potter.. Butni do own some major and minor charecters in this story. I also do not own any book titles or places.