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Hetalia Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published February 26, 2012 · updated August 22, 2013 · 100 pages · 27,706 readers · 378,913 reads
The Game
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The Game

The loud trill of your ringtone jars you out of your dreamy revery. Flinching, you pat yourself down, desperately trying to find the source of the obnoxious noise. Reaching into your pants pocket you feel the cool plastic of your cell phone and heave a sigh of annoyance. The other senators in the room glance at you angrily and all you can do is utter a half-hearted apology and hope that whoever disturbed you better have something important to say.

Flipping through your texts you chance upon the name of the last person you wanted to hear from; Alfred. You open the message and it reads:

"Hey! Sup bro? juss wanted to let ya know that I'm having a wicked awesome party tonight and you're totally invited! Be at my place at 7, kay?"

Honestly, it could have been a lot worse and right now a party actually seemed like a good idea. Anything to get my mind off of this meeting, you think.

After getting home from work and sleeping for a good three hours, you wake up and realize it's almost time to go. In your haste you throw on your favourite pair of jeans, a Oblivion logo tee and your brother's old hoody, thinking that the party would be anything but a formal event.

Obviously you were mistaken because as soon as you waltzed in the door you saw every country you knew milling about in fancy attire. The hell with it.

After talking to a few random people, Alfred bursts out of nowhere and steps onto a chair.

"Okay people, time for the main event! First, all the guys put an item in this hat," He yelled with his hands pointing to the large cowboy hat on the floor.

There were murmurs from some of the attendees but eventually everyone (meaning all the dudes) had placed an item in the mystery hat. Alfred's face contorted into an expression of sheer excitement as he tossed his hand into the hat and stirred up it's contents.

"Now, umm..." Alfred trailed off as he looked around the room. "________! Here take something out!" He exclaims as he thrusts the hat towards you. Gingerly, you reach in and grope around through the strange contents when finally you clutch something. Slowly and curiously, you pull your hand out. 

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