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I'll put a bullet through your heart *ON HOLD*
Story published February 27, 2012 · updated October 1, 2012 · 20 pages · 53 readers · 228 reads
Scarlett Holmes
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Scarlett Holmes

The name's Scarlett Holmes,
Yes before you ask
I am related to Sherlock Holmes
He's my great great great granddad
I was born the 19th of july and im 17
I currently go to bullet academy
Im a 2nd year S rank 
That means i'm basically the best at what I do
My favorite gun is my white veil
t use to belong to Sherlock and has been passed down through the
but i don't use it very much, because i don't want to break it
so my most used gun is my bloody rose
 I love what i do and I am so dedicated
I don't have a partner yet
and i don't think i want one
even thought dad is always on at me to get one
My mom and dad where partners before they got married
and I think thats why they have such a strong bond.
I have to go now, I have training bye =)