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On An Island With You (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)
Story published February 29, 2012 · updated August 9, 2012 · 55 pages · 2,984 readers · 18,105 reads
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~~28th April 2012~~

"I'm what?" I asked Bobby James, the creator of a brand new TV show, not believing my ears.
"You're spending two months on an island with five other celebrities." he repeated. "For the new international Reality TV show, Celebrity Survival. We've been over this several times Fauna." I sighed, running a hand through my dark brown hair.
"Who am I spending the two months with?" I finally asked.
"The British boyband named One Direction." he said casually. I tried to hide the smile but epically failed. I'm a hugefan, it's my gulity pleasure. Even celebrities fangirl over people. Like Niall fangirls over Justin Bieber! Although, like every fangirl, they have their favourites, mine just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson."Have you heard of them?"
"Yes I have." I answered as calmly as I can. 
"Good." Bobby said, nodding his head. "Just read this and sign your name." he handed me a piece of paper then left his office. I looked at the paper and scanned through it.

Celebrity Survival consists of six celebrities spending two months on a predator-free island. The celebrities will forage for food. Cook the food. Build/make huts for shelter if desired. In short, the chosen celebrities must do everything in order to survive. In a serious situation, e.g. broken leg, our helicopter will be over in a matter of minutes as we will be keeping a close observation.


>Celebrities must bring only 4 sets of clothes and absolutely no electronics
>No physical contact between celebrities that causes severe harm
>No sexual intercourse
>Bring only two personal items with you, e.g. photo, book
>No sharps
>There will be hidden cameras around the small island so we can monitor what you are doing
>There will be a life pack, containing: 2 boxes of matches, first aid kit, 3 litres of water, 6 blankets, penknife, 6 toothbrushes, toothpaste, 2 metre long rope and a small pan, given to one of the 6 celebrities.
>At the beginning of the two months, when dropped off, each celebrity is dropped off at different points of the island, all must meet together.
>At the end, everyone will be returned and be interviewed after 24 hours rest.

I laughed when it mentioned sexual intercourse. Do they really think I'll ... do it with someone I barely knew? Even if it's one of One Direction? Even if it might be Louis? Pur-lease. I'm not a slutty whore. I signed my name.

fαυиα ραιgє ρσятмαи

My name sound familiar? That's right, I'm the younger sister of Natalie Portman. We're twelve years apart but still very close. She's got the acting skills while I have the singing skills. Before you ask, I'm nineteen, turning twenty on the 31st of July. "You signed it?" Bobby asked, peeking his head through the door. I nodded. "Brilliant. Be at the studio on Thursday, 2:30. See you then." then he left the room.
"Alright, then bye." I said, exiting the building and hopping in my car.

~~1st May 2012~~

"Ready?!" one of the helicopter crew asked loudly, over the roar of the helicopter blades.
"Three! Two! One! Go!" I jumped out of the helicopter, pulling on my parachute. It opened and I was falling gently to the ground. I looked up and the helicopter was flying away. I landed and I unclipped the parachute. I made sure I had my small bag of clothes and shoes, a photo of my sister and I and my acoustic guitar.
I stood up and looked around the island. It's kinda like the ones you'll see in Pirates of the Caribbean.
"What was the first thing I have to do once I arrived in the island?" I asked myself. 
After about a minute of pacing back and forth, I finally remembered I had to meet up with One Direction. Now, from the books and movies, I should make a fire, to send smoke signals. I gathered some wood and started rubbing the wood in like they did in the Hunger Games.
"Now, just to sit here." I said flatly, sitting on a log next to the fire.I took my guitar and started strumming one of my favourite songs. Torn. I loved the song even more when I heard One Direction's cover of it. The sun started setting and I haven't even seen either of the boys. I sighed and layed down on the sand, falling asleep against the heat of the fire. 
It wasn't 20mins before I heard someone squeal.

Yeah, this is my idea and was planning it to be a Liam Payne story but when Maria and I made this joint account, I thought 'why not both of us write it?'  and we both love Louis so why not have it for Louis? So here's the intro! Hmm. Not my best ... Maria's better than me and you'll be happy to know that she's writing the first chapter! ~Ethel
No I'm not!!! ~ Maria ♥♥

"This is where I want to be, here, right now, on an island with you."

Written by: ッ єtђєl ןєรรค๓เภє ッ and MariaHawthorneღ