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To Find Love After Darkness (Finished)
Story published February 29, 2012 · updated August 21, 2012 · completed · 49 pages · 1,192 readers · 19,352 reads
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I stand there, shocked. 
"I-I-I-I-I just can't do this!" I cry out. I pull away, and turn running into Jake's house, running up to my room and slamming the door. I jump onto the bed and bury my face in the pillows. His running footsteps echo through the hall and he bangs his fist on the door.
"Crimson, come out! I'm sorry-I-I-I just...It just slipped come out!" he pleads.
I don't say a word.
"Please sweetheart! Come out! I'm sorry if I hurt you..." I hear the tears in his voice.The lock jiggles.

"The truth is....I love you to Ashley" I whisper

I hear a gasp from the side of the bed.
"You do?" 

My head snaps up, I see him, and a blush inches up my cheeks.

"I just- it's too hard-I- I can't afford to be hurt or-"
"Crimson, I would NEVER hurt you. And we can take it slow. Please-Please be mine?"
I bite my lip. He saved me, he has been there all this time with the band. But how could I date a rock star? And how could I date him anyway...I just can't kiss him or anything...its all to terrifying....

        "Ill think about it..." I whisper. "I need to sleep. Lay with me?"
He has a sad look in his eyes, but it disappears and he helps me under the covers. Then he lays beside me on top of the sheets and puts an arm around me. I snuggle closer to him, his warmth nice. I close my eyes, and he kisses my forehead. I fall asleep less than a minutes later.

 (A/N/-The Bold Italics are dreams)

I stand, looking out, seeing the water. The scene is breathtaking. The waves fall into shore and wash away. I close my eyes, breathing in the scent of the ocean. The beautiful smell gets replaces by a sour one. My eyes snap open, and I wrinkle my nose. The ocean isn't clear blue anymore. Its blood red.
I see something wash up onto shore.
Its a mans body. His eyes find mine, I stare at his face, his long black hair. 
Its Ashley.
"Bye." he whispers.
Then the tide pulls him back out into the blood red sea, drowning him. 
I scream.

In bed my eyes snap open. My heart races. I shuffle out from under Ashley's arms and run to the bathroom, shutting the door quietly. I sit on the floor, my head in my hands. I could never loose Ashley. He means so much. If he ever died, I don't know if I could live. He was the one that saved me, cared for me.

I love him to much to ever let him go.


Did I really think that? Do I love Ashley Purdy?


Yes, I do.


I can't live without him anymore.


I place my hands on my tummy. I think, trying to send my thoughts to my baby.

'Do you think this is right sweetheart? Should I be with Ashley? Will he love me and never hurt me?'

I get no movement, no words, but something inside knows that I should say yes.




I open the door and climb back beside Ashley. Taking his face in my hands I whisper in his ear.

        "Yes Ashley I will be yours..." I whisper.

His eyes flutter open and he smiles when he sees me.

        "Did you say something Crimson?" he asks, mumbling.

        "Yes Ill be yours Ashley.." I whisper again.

He looks shocked, then he smiles really big and throws his arms around me.

        "CRIMSON! Omg, I love you! I promise I wont hurt you! Ever!"

I hug back.

I hear a knock at my door.

        "Come in" I say, pulling back from Ashley's bear hug.

In comes Jake, wearing his P.J.'s. "Can you keep it down. Ella and I are trying to sleep!" he says harshly.

I blush and frown. "Jake I'm sorry."

His expression softens. "What are you even yelling about Ashley?"

        "I asked Crimson to be mine and she said yes" he smiles like an idiot.

        "OMG! That is so sweet! Congrats! And Ash, if you ever hurt her, I will kill you bro..." Jake says. I laugh. "Well keep it down, goodnight guys." Jake leaves, and shuts the door behind him.

I snuggle into Ashley and close my eyes.

This turned out to be a good decision.

All story text is in Italics.
I only own the text.
Thank you for reading loves <3