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You are my sunshine. [Jelena love story]
Story published February 29, 2012 · updated 6 months ago · 33 pages · 1,963 readers · 16,799 reads
He's moving?
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He's moving?

 Selena's POV.

It didn't feel right, I couldn't forgive for cheating. He should know better, than to do that. He should know that I'm not easy to forgive.

I pushed me away, he stood there confused. “Selly.. I – I said I was sorry.” He mumbled going in for another hug but I stepped back and shook my head.

No.. You betrayed me, my trust. I can't believe you go sleep with some girl who might have freaking AIDS or something, your gross, a cheater, and a lair... Please go away.” I said, flat out nothing in my voice but hurt.

To see him cry before my eyes hurt me of course but I can't let that get to me, I need to be strong and not let him do the same things over and over to me again. When he was about to speak, I held up my hand and pointed to the door. “Leave.” I said simply.

He went up to me to get a hug but I stepped back, he sighed and whispered, “I love you, babe. You two little guy,” He leaned down and kissed my stomach before going out the door.

When the front door shut, he was gone.

I felt myself curl up into a small ball in the middle of our bed and bawl out my eyes.


  • month later-

It's been a month since I seen Justin and Demi has been there for me when I needed her so here we are, eating ice cream and watching the news.

Nothing of Justin came into the news besides he is back in Canada or off with Ryan in Miami..

I did learn a lot by watching E!News..

Such as The Hunger Games is way more famous than Twilight now, Zac and Vanessa got back together, Miley and Liam got married not too long ago.. Cole and Dylan finish college, damn. Life is zooming by.

I made a small grunt, I felt something kick me? I got all giggly and tap Demi who smiled over at me. “He's moving?” I nodded, I placed her hand over my stomach and Derek did a few more kicks for the heck of it.

He's such a cutie, he is making sure I know he is here.. Or missing his daddy.

Either way I didn't care, he was moving. I know he is healthy and getting ready for his drop into the world..

Demi dropped her ice cream on the floor and held her stomach, she was six months yesterday.. I got up, with a little push.

Demi?! What's wrong?” I asked as I helped her off the couch onto her feet.

She groaned out in pain and fell back out onto the couch before groaning out again, then a pool of water and blood mix came out from under her.

I quickly called 911 because I was worried out of my mind, unsure what was happening to my best friend.

Four years into the future.
What has their lives become?


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