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Forever be in your favor (A Peeta Mellark Love story
Story published February 29, 2012 · updated April 15, 2012 · completed · 98 pages · 23,516 readers · 359,237 reads
Chp. 3
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Chp. 3

        "What?" I whisper.  Without realizing it, Effie Trinket answers my question. She repeats the chosen name. "Katniss Everdeen.....uh... where are you?"  "NO!" I say in a hushed shout. Katniss starts to walk toward the stage. She reaches the first step. "Katniss Everdeen! Effie announces,, obviously expecting applause. "Congratulations Katniss!" Effie says. "We will now announce the boy tribute. But first, are there any volunteers to take Katniss's place?" Effie asks. Without thinking I scream "I volunteer as tribute!" Al eyes turn towards me. I can feel the cameras on me. "NO! Katniss mouths at me. "Wonderful!!" Effie shouts. Katniss s escorted off the stage. I walk towards the stairs. We pass each other for a moment. She grabs my dress and I pull her and off of it. "No!" She shouts at me. I nod and continue up the steps. "What's your name?" Effie asks excitedly. "Rosalie Sweetwater." I answer. I try not to let the tears flow. I couldn't! I just couldn't let Katniss go. Is what is going on in my mind. "Nice to meet you dear! And why have you volunteered? Was it for fame?" Effie asks. The most I can do is shake my head. "Hmmm , No? Alright well lets chose the boy tribute!" 
Effie reaches into the large glass bowl containing the boys names. "Peeta Mellark!" What?! NO! the baker's son. So his name is Peeta. Oh the poor baker. This boy won't stand a chance! is what I think. The next thought I have is oh god! what if I have to kill him?!!!
        Peeta walks on to the stage. He looks at me and I look at him. Our gaze is locked on each other. "Congratulations Peeta! Effie says like it's some kind of great honor. The mayor reads something called the treaty of treason. And then Peeta and I are to shake hands. When I feel his grip on my hand, I almost don't want to let go. I feel safe for some reason. He lets go and the feeling melts away. 
        The next thing i know we are being escorted to the justice building. I am to wait for visitors. My aunt and Ren never come. Flora comes and she is crying hard. I wish she wouldn't, It will only make me cry too. That is the last thing I want. Not much is said between us except "You have to win, you have to!!" and "I love you!". Then Flora is being dragged out. Next comes Katniss and Gale.
        "WHY? Why did you do that??"  Katniss is screaming at me in tears. "I had to. I-I'm sorry." I answered. "YOUR sorry? YOUR sorry? NO I'm sorry!" She screams. "Katniss. Please. Calm down." I say. I can't meet her gaze. She turns and looks off into the distance. Gale comes over to me. He mouths Thank you to me. I nod. "Be careful......come home." He says. I nod but we both knows I'm not coming home. "Times up." I say after a few more minutes. Gale starts toward the door with a look that is grateful, probably for letting Katniss stay here with him. Katniss is the one being literally dragged out the door. "Come home Rosalie! Come home!!" She screamed. And the door was shut. I had no more visitors.