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My brother's best friend ~a vinny castronovo love story~[FIN
Story published March 2, 2012 · updated April 4, 2012 · completed · 53 pages · 5,110 readers · 83,549 reads
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Name: Andrea Mara. Call me Andrea and I'll kill you. Just stick with Andy.

Age: Just turned 14!

Siblings: Nick (is 15 but he treats me like I'm way younger than him -.-) and Rob (is 20 but we barely see him)

birthday: June 17

Hobbies: Dancing is my life....

Looks: i have long brown hair and green eyes. i am underweight but I'm not anorexic or anything I'm actually a pig!

Bio: Heyyo! Andy here! I'm a hip-hop dancer and I live with my brother Nick and my mom., she's never around (she's a workaholic who goes on a business trip like every other week) so normally it's just me and Nick. He normally takes charge. My older brother Rob hardly ever comes by, but both of my brothers are very over protective of me. My best friends are Mikey and Jamie Fusco (twins) and Vinny Castronovo. So yeah that's about it!! peace!

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