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Daughter of a Monster (A Marauder's Era Story)
Story published March 4, 2012 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 201 pages · 15,677 readers · 274,805 reads
The First Full Moo
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The First Full Moon

        It's been about a week since I've been here. The last few days have been okay, they were kind of boring. Well everything besides talking to Remus every morning I couldn't fall back to sleep. He was really sweet. Camille and I also didn't do the prank, I just wasn't up for it since of my werewolf crap. I gotta remind myself for the next Quidditch match against Slytherin. And, speaking of werewolf, tonight was a full moon. I could feel it, I was achey. I hurt all over because of it and I looked paler than normal. I felt horrible, not just physically either, but emotionally too. I feel horrible about being friends with the girls and Bookworm. I'm a monster and if they find out they might reject me, or worse, accept me and possibly get hurt. I couldn't let that happen and how I hoped it wasn't showing in my eyes. Ugh, today was not going to be a good day. I mean, yeah sure, Camille and I found a spot in the forest to do the transformation thing, but I didn't want her with. She never listened though, she got hurt a lot of times doing it. I couldn't repay her even if I tried. I just couldn't and I've told her to stop helping, but she doesn't listen. She never does. On top of that, I sent the list of friends to my father that night, with Lily, Alice, Molly, Camille, the twins, Xeno, and Remus on the list. I still haven't gotten a reply. I'm a bit worried, he'd normally send back by now...
Third Person POV
        Back at Valeria's house, an owl flew through the window. It was specked with gray, it was Pepper. A rather large-and ugly-man came through to the kitchen. He didn't look happy, he looked...disturbed, to say the least. He was paler and looked aged and worn. He had multiple-no probably an infinite number-of scars covering his face and arms. He looked intimidating, but that's how Fenrir Greyback always looked-intimidating and ugly. But now just throw sickly onto the mix. 
        He untied the letter from the owl. It was from Valeria.
        Here's the list of my friends and sorry about Gryffindor, there was nothing I could do. 
        Lily Evans
        Molly Prewett
        Fabian Prewett
        Gideon Prewett
        Alice Lightwood
        Xenophilius Lovegood
        He read over it again and again, not believing all the mudbloods and blood traitors on the list. If it wasn't the fact that Valeria had to keep her family and condition a secret, he would've went after all of them. But he could just take it out on Valeria when she got back for the holidays, over Christmas break. That's what he thought was great about all of this. But then he realized he didn't fold the paper open all the way, there was a name that he didn't see before, a name he never wanted to see: Remus Lupin. The same family he had went after the night he killed his wife and bit his daughter. He couldn't believe it, the boy he bit was there. The little boy from the family he attacked and killed the mother of. The little boy who is Valeria's friend. Maybe that's why he chose to throw the ink jar he had picked up from the living room, expecting to respond. Maybe that's why he tore up the letter. Maybe that's why he would let this play out and not respond. Maybe that's why he decided that beating her is not the only punishment she'd get. He hoped Remus Lupin would find out who her father was and when he does, then Valeria would ask him what happened. Then he could not only hurt her with a beating, but with emotion. This time, he'd get Valeria to be afraid again. 
Valeria POV
        I felt like crap. There's no other way to explain it. Being a werewolf sucks, but of course, the day is slow. If time would move faster, the faster the day is over, the less pain I'll be in. I just want it to end. 
        "Val!" Camille yelled from the common room. Ugh, did I mention I have a headache too? Nope, guess not.
        "Coming!" I shout, weakly. I feel weak, bleh. Today was not going to be fun. 
        I made my way down to the common room to find that there weren't many people in there yet. Lily, Alice, and Molly already went to breakfast and now there was just Camille and one of the marauders. Peter, I think. I walked to Camille and she instantly looked at me with sad eyes, an expression of sympathy. She could tell how bad I felt, and she seemed like the only one that could. I wish I could tell her about the note from my father, but it would just cause more trouble. She'd keep pestering me about it, to figure out what's the problem. I'm just not in the mood now. Maybe I'd tell her after the full moon, but for now, I feel lazy. 
        "Slow poke," she commented. I rolled my eyes-bad idea. It made my head hurt more. I groaned. "Headache?"
        "Yep," I replied and she instantly shut up. Yeah, she knows not to bug me with a headache. I'm almost as bad as when someone tries waking me up in the most annoying ways, you know like flipping me off the bed. We began to walk when we heard three sets of footsteps trample down the stairs. Well two more trampled, the other set seemed to trudge, like walking was too much work. 
        "Hey newbies!" one of the squawked. Black. He's not the best thing for my headache and it's probably the other way around too. 
        "Hi," Camille said and I turned around the face them like her. That's when I noticed Bookworm. He didn't look to good. He seemed pale and looked a little sick. It's now that I realized the scars on his face. They looked familiar, but I couldn't place them without thinking too hard. Thinking too hard is not good for the headache so I stop. 
        "Still not talking?" Black asks me. I try my hardest not to roll my eyes, it just makes the headache worse. 
        "Eh..." I mumble and start to turn away. My head hurt! Ugh...stupid werewolf, stupid dad. 
        "Hey that's more than she said yesterday!" James exclaimed. Or probably spoke, but everything seemed louder with this aweful headache. 
        "Guys, please shut up!" Remus complained. He doesn't seem like himself. Maybe he has a headache too. It seems logical, but I can't focus that well with mine. 
        "Why Moony? Why? It's not like you have a headache!" Black exclaimed. 
        "No, I don't, but I really am not in the mood for your yelling!" He complained again. Nope not himself. 
        "Nope Moony, we're gonna talk until we get the quiet one to!" Black said, loudly I might add. That does it.
        "No, Remus might not have a headache but I do!" I say and storm out of the common room while the boys look at me in shock. Bookworm seemed kind of greatful for the outburst though. Probably because they shut up. 
        It was nearly nightfall and Camille and I are running into the forbidden forest. Headmaster Dumbledore knew of my condition, so we wouldn't get in trouble for sneaking out. We got to our spot in the forest. It was pretty deep in, but not deep enough that we wouldn't be able to find our way out. It was dark though and creepy. Tall trees surrounded us, covering the sky from view. 

Camille POV
        I saw Valeria look up towards the sky, but she wouldn't see any. The tree tops covered it. I could barely see anything. Then I heard the howl and I saw her begin to transform, so I transformed too. My animagus is a red fox, matches my personality perfectly. I became fixated to the new sights and sounds that I could pick up in this form. I looked to Valeria. She just finished her transformation and was now a black werewolf. She looked so scared right now, so full of pain, but I know there was nothing I could do but sit here and hope she doesn't make a run for the school, or any other harmless creature for that matter. I always wondered how she felt when she transformed, not being able to control anything, but she still remembers. I don't understand it. She tried explaining it to me a couple of times, but I still didn't get her perspective. Then I heard a howl, only it didn't come from Val. It came from our left and I could see she was about to take off. 
        Val started running and I was on her tail. I ran faster and faster to catch up and then I pounced. It brought her down but she shook me off. She swiped at me, but I dodged all of the attacks as I ran around her in a circle. It kept her occupied enough for me to start leading her away from the other howling and towards our beginning spot. When she realized what I'd done, she pounced-and she hit me. I had a gash in my side that was bleeding, but I didn't let it stop me. I tried luring her even further away from the sound but she hit me again and I blacked out, the last thing I saw was a gray werewolf sitting near a tree by Val. 
        I woke up in a hospital bed, in Madame Pomfrey's place. I felt...weird, lightheaded. I looked down to see my sides covered in bandages. I knew Madame Pomfrey knew about Val's condition and that I help her; so I couldn't help but wonder where she was. I mean, what happened last night after I blacked out? And what about that gray wolf?
        "Are you feeling okay?" Madame Pomfrey asked. 
        "Yeah," I said in a croaky voice. 
        "You will be able to get out of here by noon, but until then, get some rest," she told me sternly. 
        "What time is it now?" I asked. 
        "Five o'clock in the morning," she said and began to turn away.
        "One more thing, who brought me in here?" I asked. She shook her head and walked away. What the heck? Couldn't I know who my savior was? I mean I figured it wasn't Val, she wasn't in her right mind when it happened. I really do wonder who brought me here...
Valeria POV
        I dared not open my eyes, who knows where I'd be. I feel bad though, I remember hitting Cam and running away with a gray wolf. I wondered who it was anyways... Either way, I hope both were alright, I was probably a monster to them. I really was to Camille and I feel terrible about it. I want to cry about it; I want to know she's alright. But I can't, I don't even know if anyone took her to the castle, she could still be out there. I hated being a werewolf, I remember every detail because I see it happen. It's like my real true self is locked into my subconscious. It's like I'm living a nightmare, a nightmare come true. It's terrible to see it and the thing is no matter how hard I scream at my concious werewolf self, it doesn't seem to listen. It's like my conscious and my subconscious speak two different languages. I hate it, I'm a monster. 
        I finally decided to open my eyes. I saw early sunlight, just enough to blind you if you've been seeing dark for a while. It blinded me and I sheilded my eyes as I sat up. I was in some kind of room. It looked torn apart and wrecked. I looked around to see if anybody else was there, they weren't, but there was a cloak there and I used it. I put it on and I left the house and ran right out of a tree. The whomping willow. I ran as fast as I could towards the castle and snuck into the common room. Luckily, no one was there so I made my way to my dorms and changed into pj's, like nothing ever happened. Phew... what a long night. Then I fell asleep the moment I laid down in my bed. 

Remus POV
        I was in my room, lying on my bed. Who was that black wolf? She seemed so familiar, but I couldn't place it. Either way, I'd probably never figure out who it was. Although I'd like to. I'd like to have a friend like me, someone that would understand just what I'm going through, to understand how I feel about the whole mess. I really wish I had someone who understood me completely. I mean, the rest of the marauders understand me, just not the werewolf part. They don't fully understand it and it annoys me. They could get hurt really badly, worse than they ever had before, if they keep helping. But, they refuse my pleas. Ugh, stupid werewolves, stupid Greyback. I wonder what kind of monster his child, if he ever had one, would turn out to be. Probably as scary and stupid as him...

Not being able to see the good in yourself is the first mistake you made.
The second mistake is not letting those who care about you in to see that greatness.