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One Direction Love Stories(:
Story published March 5, 2012 · updated June 10, 2012 · 24 pages · 5,590 readers · 19,544 reads
Niall Horan ♥
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Niall Horan ♥

*Niall is your best friend*

"NIALL HORAN! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW!" I shouted at Niall as he ran away from me giggling. He had rudely awakened me with honey -__- That sneaky bastard. But hey, I still love the guy to death.
"AND WHAT IF I DO!?" He shouted back wearily.
"You don't want to know." I said with venom dripping from my voice.
I heard Niall's slow but paniced footsteps heading towards my bedroom. I silently giggled at how scared he seemed. I got up from my bed and stood behind the door. Niall slowly opened the door and called for me when he didn't see me.
"Claira?" He called.
"BOO!" I shouted as I jumped out at him.
A girly shreek came from Niall which sent me into a laughing fit. I fell to the floor laughing and laughed more when I saw he was pouting with his arms crossed. It was so cute but funny at the same time.
"I'm sorry, Nialler," I said, calming down.
He smiled a cheesy smile. "I forgive you."
"Good. Now come give mama a hug," I smirked, knowing I was still drenched in honey.
Before poor Niall had a chance to go anywhere, I pounced on him. My arms tightly wrapped around his waist and my head snuggled into his neck. I won't lie, I was enjoying this a little too much. He just laughed at me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, nuzzling his head into my hair. We stood there, silently hugging one another, just enjoying the embrace. Until someone had to interupt -__-
"What do you think they're doing in there?" We heard Harry ask.
There was a moment of silence before we heard both Harry and Louis say, "Niall's getting it in!"
Nialler and I just laughed and parted from each other. I walked out the door and saw none other than Louis and Harry. I whacked Louis upside the head and Niall whacked Harry.
"Ow." They both muttered, rubbing the spots we hit them. I just laughed and took off to the bathroom to take a shower. The honey in my hair is really pissing me off. I just feel really sticky and gross.
"Well, I'm going for a shower to de-honey myself," I glared at Niall. "Wake up the others, will you?" I asked. Harry and Louis nodded and scampered off while Niall stayed where he was. I gave him a 'What are you doing standing there like a fool' look. 
"Can I join you?" Niall shyly asked, but I still caught the smirk he was trying to hide.
I lightly hit his arm. "No." I simply stated. "Maybe another day," I flirted with a wink.
He looked amused and I just shut the door in his face.
After I was dressed and ready, I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen... It didn't look like a kitchen.
"Whoa..." I stopped dead in my tracks and stumbled back a step. My eyes widened at the sight.
Flour was EVERYWHERE including the boys, pots and pans were scattered around, and I noticed some raw eggs in Liam's and Zayne's hair. I'm not even going to go into more detail.
The five boys nervously chuckled when they saw me standing there examining the horrifying sight.
"What... the... duck... happened here?" I choked out in shock.
Louis chuckled slightly. "Well, you see... we were hungry... well Niall was... so we decided to make food while you were in the shower..." Louis nervously kept glancing anywhere but me. "HARRY STARTED IT!" He yelled, pointing a carrot at Harry.
"Hey!" Harry glared. "Did not." He said like a child. "Liam did it!"
"What!? No I didn't!" Liam defended himself. "Zayn did!"
"Bro, you know I didn't." Zayn glared at Liam. "But if I must, Niall did start it." He confessed.
I turned my gaze to Niall who was looking guilty. He looks so adorable when he knows he did something wrong.
"Well," I started. "you're all going to help clean this mess anyway." 
I heard groans and a cheer. Everybody turned their heads to Harry.
"What? Who says a boy can't enjoy cleaning?" He pouted. I laughed and high-fived him.
As the boys began to clean, I pulled Niall aside. I just wanted to be alone with him and I'm sure the boys wouldn't notice a thing. I pulled Niall up to my room and closed the door.
"You just saved my life," Niall commented. "I didn't want to clean." He gave me his amazing knee-weakening smile.
"You should be worshipping at my feet as we speak." I joked.
"Ha thats funny." He said sarcastically. "Maybe another time. But for ow... lets play a game!" Niall exclaimed, a childish smile upon his face.
I shrugged. "Okay. What game?"
"Truth or Dare!" He bounced in his seat.
"You are such a child." I laughed.
"Oh, you know you love meh," he winked. All I did was blush.
"Whatever. You first butthead." I said.
"Truth or Dare?" He asked.
"Hmmmm... Dare," I smirked.
"I dare you..." He put his thinking face on. "to..." More thinking for the Ni-Guy. Then he got a michevieous look on his face and I started to regret picking dare. "I dare you to kiss me," he smirked and raised his eyebrow.
I stared at him shocked. I never thought he would be so bold but hey, I'm not complaining. I walked over to him and sat in his lap straddeling him. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and before I could blink he had his lips crushed against mine. Niall deepend the kiss and licked my bottom lip. I let him in-being eager and all-and enjoyed this kiss. He flipped us around and placed me on my back on the bed, not breaking the kiss. His one hand cupped my cheek while the other helped support his weight above me.
We then heard wolf whistles and cheers. Obviously it was the guys so we continued our kiss.
"Finally they got together! Though they're still meanies for ditching us downstairs," Louis pouted.

"I wonder if they have any condoms..."