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One Piece Love Story
Story published March 8, 2012 · updated 7 months ago · 81 pages · 5,370 readers · 20,030 reads
Letter!! From Ace!
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Letter!! From Ace!!!

(Star's P.O.V.) (Time skip next night/morning)
I awoke in a bed, it was soft and I sat up slowly. I looked at the small room. It was empty besides me and my pack which laid on a chair next to the bed. I swung my legs over to the side and walked barefoot to the door. I looked out and saw no one. Where is everyone? I counted at least 5 people. I opened the door wider and head out onto the deck. I looked around and saw no one again, but it was dark so they must've been asleep. I looked up looking at the crow's nest and decided to climb up there and lay down. I climbed the rope ladder up to the crows nest, and laid there for what seemed like hours. Finally you heard some commotion.
        "She is still sick! She shouldn't be walking around!" A small voice yelled. I looked over the crow's nest thing, and saw it was the little half-reindeer doctor, Chopper.
        "Well if she's walking around she should be fine," A man with blonde hair, dressed up and lighting a cigarette.
        "But she shouldn't be walking around," Chopper finally mumbled. I smirked. Then I sat on the railing around the crow's nest looking down at them.
        "You know you shouldn't be worried bout me," I called down to them, the blonde looked up and me and smiled, Chopper looked like he was going to have a heart attack.
        "How can you be climbing and walking about!!! You should still be in bed with a fever that high!" He yelled worried. I shrugged and climbed down.
        "My temperature runs at a higher degree than most humans," I answered.
        "How? With a temperature that high you should almost be dead," The blonde replied. I looked at him, he was sorta cute and his smile was gentle. You than looked away.
        "I'll tell the whole crew when they wake up, Luffy already knows," I mumbled turning and went to the front of the ship and looked at the sea, deep in thought.
        "Hm," The blonde mused. He than walked over to me and leaned over the railing. "It can't be that bad," I smiled sadly and shook my head.
        "You don't even know the half of it." I replied stiffly. I then see a glimmer of white in the water. I star at it and frowned. It then shot up at me.
        "Hey watch out!" The blonde guy yelled. I stayed still and blinked once, it was a envelop, a familiar one at that. On the top of the letter it bore the initials P.D.A surrounded by a image of a flame. I smiled. I only knew one person with those initials. "What is that...?" The blonde guy whispered. 
        "It's a letter that a receive every week or so." I answered. I grabbed it and stuffed in in my pocket. "Oh, I don't think I caught your name," I say turning the attention away from the letter. He looked up to me. 
        "Oh, it's Sanji," I raised an eyebrow.
        "I think we've met before..." I spoke deeply thinking where I've met him. I then remember a boy, in a kitchen. He was a partial cook and was mostly a chore boy. He was about 10 I was 9, that was 9 years ago.

I hid on the a boat's roof, people don't look up there. I was cold and hungry. It was rainy and windy and I was huddled in a ball near a railing. Suddenly a door opened from the inside, I felt a gust of warmth and delicious food.
        "...I must've sneaked onto a restaurant ship," I whispered.
        "Who are you!?" A voice spoke from behind her. It was a man with a peg leg, a large twisty mustache and a tall chef's hat. I gulped and stood facing him.
        "I'm Star," I said trembling from the cold. He looked at me. He than grabbed me from around my waist and carried me inside. I didn't struggle, i was tired and cold being outside now being in the warmth I sighed quietly.
        "Sanji! Come here!" He called into the kitchen, and went up the stairs. I shivered, causing my hat to fall off.
        "Oh no! My hat!" I cried. He looked passed his shoulder but kept walking turning back around. I cowered and covered my wolf ears with my hands. I felt so vulnerable. He carried me up a few flights to the top of the ships, he opened a door to a room, it looked like a captain's quarters. He than put me on the bed. I didn't move my hands one inch.
        "Yes old man?" A boy's voice perked up from behind the man. I than closed my eyes and clutched my head. The old guy looked over his shoulder.
        "Sanji, this girl was found on the deck outside. She needs food and warm clothing." The old guy ordered. Sanji frowned and looked over his shoulder at me. I didn't look up, he quickly rushed out of the room. "I'm Zeff, head chef of this restaurant, and you just met Sanji, a thick headed chore boy, but he's becoming a great cook. Star, you need to take your hands off your head, no one is going to hurt you." Zeff spoke softer to me then he did to Sanji. 
        "No," I said trembling. I didn't move or look at him. " I won't!" I shouted. Zeff sighed. Then Sanji came back in coming up to the bed and putting a plate off to the side and cloths. I looked up to him, his hair was blonde and he looked like someone from the kitchen.
        "Zeff's right ya know, no one here would hurt a pretty girl like you," He said smiling at me. I looked at him scared, Sanji then unexpectedly took my hands and pulled them down, I wasn't fast enough to pull away. My ears were revealed. Sanji gasped, Zeff just stared at me. "W-what are you?!" Sanji asked totally shocked. I closed my eyes tight, tears squeezing out of them.
        "So, you must've ate a Inu Inu fruit." Zeff stated. I looked up at him, my eyes spilling over with tears. I nodded.
        "What is an Inu Inu fruit?" Sanji asked looking up at Zeff and glancing at you.
        Zeff sighed, "It is a devil fruit, a cursed fruit, she consumed one of these fruit, foremost there are 3 groups of devil fruit, one is the Paramecia or Paramythia group, being that if someone consumed it alters the persons body but they are still human. Like turning someone rubber or for someone to produce many limbs, the second group is the Zoan group, she consumed one of these fruit. The Zoan fruits can turn someone into a hybrid form of an animal, like her a wolf or for another maybe a cat or something. Last is the Logia group turning the person into a some sort element, like smoke or fire." (Yes I did look it up and the website I looked at show all the devil fruit:) ) Sanji was dumb struck.
        "How do you know about the devil fruits?" I asked sniffling. I rubbed my eyes to try and get rid of the tears.
        "Every cook must read the "Devil Fruit Information and Identification, they don't want their costumers consuming something to alter them some how." Zeff replied crossing his arms.
        "A-are you going to throw me off the ship?" I mumbled. Sanji's eyes widened. Zeff chuckled slightly.
        "You can't swim, can you?" I shook my head and looked down.
        Sanji turned on Zeff, "You can't be seriously thinking that you can throw her overboard are you?!" I flinched.
        Zeff laughed. "Of course not boy! She can't swim, she lost her ability to swim right after she consumed the cursed fruit." Sanji kept yelling at Zeff. I just looked away and zone out, finally things calmed down and pulled my knees up to my chest.
        "Hey, you look hungry, why don't you change into these cloths I found and eat some food." It was Sanji. I looked at him. He held out a bundle of clothes. I looked at him, he nodded smiling, I smiled back and took the cloths. I jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom across the room. I stared at the clothes. It was a dress black and white. ( ) (similar to the one in the link) I raise an eyebrow at it. I never wore a dress since I left my home 4 months ago, last time I saw Ace... I put it on quickly and opened the door while trying to put on on some black ribbons. I looked up after putting one bow in my hair like a hand band, Sanji was sitting on the bed.
        "Not, to be rude or anything but why are you still here?" I asked walking over to him. He chuckled.
        "The old man said to keep an eye on you and if anyone came in, I could quickly hide you. He doesn't want the other chefs get worried or scared." He said slightly annoyed. He must've thought they were idiots. "Anyways, I made this for you, it's a plate of homemade pasta w/ sauce. I was finally allowed to use the herbs and ingredients I wanted to use for a long time!" His yes lit up and I smiled at him. I walked over to him and grabbed the plate off food. Really I don't think I had real food before I tasted this. My eyes sparkled.
        "Sanji this is fabulous!!! You are the greatest cook I've met!!!" I yelled and kept eating slowly not to seem super eager and to keep the little pride I have left. I stayed for a few months helping Sanji a few times. Finally I left when they made port I took some boy's clothes to hide among the chefs and left. I didn't want to leave but it wasn't my dream. My dream was to become a pirate of the greatest crew, to be the most famous singer in all the Blues and you wanted to be an excellent fighter. Years later you became one of the best solo fighters and pirate. You were a famous singer in the East Blue.

(Flashback Ends)
        "You were that girl...." Sanji spoke stunned. I blushed lightly.
        "Star!" Luffy shouted. I looked over stunned and smiled lightly. The long discussion commenced. I explained to the entire crew and even took off my straw hat. At the end I shifted to my full wolf form, a black and grey wolf (similar to Link from Twilight Princess) and shifted back. They were shocked but amazed, welcoming me happily and I finally felt belonged, since Ace left home... I read his letter that night

Hope you liked it! I Love One Piece hope you do 2!!!