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Anything can happen *One Direction story*
Story published March 9, 2012 · updated October 22, 2012 · completed · 116 pages · 1,947 readers · 33,257 reads
Chapter 28
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Chapter 28

        "I love that movie!" Felicia laughed. Niall was fake crying. "Nialler, whats wrong?"
        "They killed Edward!" He started to laugh.And he wouldn't shut up, so I did what I would usually do. Hit him with a pillow. "What was that for?!"
        "I have no clue!" I yelled. Felicia and Katie had joined me. Then the boys got involved. "Oi! Harry!" Harry hit me in the face. So I tackled him to the ground. 
        "Katie! Louis! Help!" He yelled. I just continued to sit on his stomach. Someone had picked me up. I started to kick and scream.
        "Who ever this is, I'm gonna get you!" I looked up. Liam got me. Dang it! Why Liam?! Now I can't get revenge. "Liam James Payne, put me down!"
        "Sorry love, no can do!" He smiled. I know one way to get out of his grip. My body went limp. But it didn't help at all. He just sown me onto his back.
        "You are very strong." I told Liam.
        "Why thank you." He laughed. Now, what did Mr. Horan teach me again. In case you're wondering Mr. Horan is my karate instructor. And he is not, in away way, related to Naill. Didn't he say something about, crap! I forgot.
        "Liam, please just put me down." I begged.
        "Fine." He let me down and I went running strait to my room.
        "Good night boys!" I yelled down stairs. The girls had already came back up, and went to bed.
        "Night!" They yelled. I went to lay down. There was a note on my bed. It read:

                Dear Shannon,
        Did you forget about me? I hope not. You found your brother again, didn't you. Well, of course you did, that is how I know where you are. Have you been close to Louis since you found him? I can't wait to see the look on his face, again, when his little sister goes away. And this time, it might be pernamint.
                See you in 2 months!

What does this mean! I ran down stairs with the note in my hand. I ran strait up to Louis. "Help me Lou." I sobbed. He stroked my hair.
        "Whats the matter?" He asked. I handed him the note. As he read it his eyes grew big and started to tear. "No. I'm not letting you go!" He cradled me in his arms. We were now sitting on the couch, and he was holding me like a baby. My face was buried in his chest. Tears streaming down my face. This note was from the very same man who took me.
        "Louis, what's happening?" Zayn took the note from him and read it out loud.
        "We won't let anything happen to you Shannon. We promise." Niall came over and gave me a hug. No matter what, I didn't let go of Louis, and he didn't let go of me.
        "Why is Shannon crying?" Katie asked. She was walking down stairs with Fe. Harry told her about the note. "Shannon! Come here. Everything will be alright." She came running over, and threw her arms around Louis and I. I let go of Louis, only because I love this girl to death and I don't want to loose her either, and threw my arms around Katie. We all were in a group hug for about 10 minuets.
        "We should try to get some sleep. We have an interview tomorrow." Liam said. I looked at the clock. It was 4 am. "I mean today." He blushed.
        "Come on Lou, lets get to bed." Harry came over to me and Louis. I was still in his protective arms. He just sat there, not responding. I snuggled into his chest more. "Louis come on." Harry said. Louis didn't budge.
        "Louis. Buddy come on." Niall said. Still no response.
        "Louis?" Zayn said. But now my vision was closing. Why wouldn't Louis respond. A few more tears ran down my face.
        "Shannon?" Liam said. Why won't Louis respond? I tried to get the words out, but I couldn't. "She's not responding either."
        "No! Shannon! Listen to me, if you can hear and see us blink twice, really fast. And If you can't help that you can't talk blink 3 times fast." Felicia was holding my limp hand. I quickly did what she asked. "You can hear us? Blink twice fast for yes." I did what she asked. "Can you see us? Twice, fast for no, three for alittle and four for yes." I did two. I can't really see to well.
        "Try that with Louis." Harry said. Felicia tried.
        "I can't get to him. Its like he is zoned out to the world." She dropped her voice.
        "Call the bus! Now!" Niall said. Liam got up and dilled the number.
        "On their way. They said they might be in shock and if they are it is very bad." He sounded weak.
        "They might just be." Harry said.
        "Lets get them apart." Zayn said. They walked over and tried to pick me up. "Whoa! Louis got a good grip!"
        "Do not take her again." Louis's voice was very weak, and lower then a whisper.
        "Louis! Your awake!" Niall said. 
        "I will not let anything happen to you Shannon." Lou's voice was getting weaker. His eyes fluttered shut again. Everyone started yelling. All I could hear was the steady beat of Louis's heartbeat and mine.


Ooooo whats gonna happen? Who is R.E? Comment on what you think!

Ross Evans has struck again...