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My Vampire Boyfriend and Me(*GAY LOVE STORY*)(FINISHED!)
Story published March 14, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · completed · 29 pages · 4,995 readers · 85,877 reads
Chapter Three
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Chapter Three


        I bring Ethan upstairs into my room and throw him onto my bed, then I get on top of him and kiss him gently. He smiles and kisses back, then kisses my nose like he always does. I love it when he does that. It's so adorable. I pin his hands above his head and lay a line of kisses along his jaw. He moans and looks up at me with those big green eyes I love so much.

        "I. Love. You," I whisper between kisses.

        "I love you, too," he groans.

        "Promise you'll never leave me?" I ask.

        He pauses and looks up at me confused. "Why would I ever leave you, Rylan? You mean the world to me."

        I smile and kiss his forehead. "I need you like I need air."

        The security guy finishes up and knocks on the door, then I get off Ethan and go talk to him. He's done and he said that it's all set up and ready. Now no one can touch my Ethan without me knowing about it. Once the guy's gone, I back into the room and set Ethan on my lap. He smiles at me and kisses my nose again.

        "Wanna go to the mall?" I ask him. "We can get ice cream cones if you want."

        He bites his lip and pretends to think it over, which I find absolutely adorable. "Sure," he says smiling.

        We arrive at the mall and get out of my mustang, then I lock it. We walk into the mall together holding hands. People look at us weird, but we ignore them. We walk to Jamba Juice and got some smoothies, then we just talked and all that crap. Finally, we went up to Hot Topic

        "I think it's time we got you some of your own clothes," I tell him. "My clothes are kinda big on you."

        He just smiles and holds my hand as we go through and pick out a whole new wardrobe for him. Once we're done we go to buy everything. I purchase everything and turn to look at Ethan, but...he's not there. Where is he? I look around, but he isn't there.

        Someone's taken my Ethan again!

Sorry it's so short!
Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me. Comment if you can. I can't make you....