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Back off, or I'll bite you. (another Finished teen titans lo
Story published March 14, 2012 · updated April 5, 2012 · completed · 64 pages · 829 readers · 9,466 reads
Chapter 16- change
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Chapter 16- changes, part 2

*zanes POV*

I was in the living room playing video games when we heard 2 screams. I looked around. The screams sound female, and the only people not here were raven, jay, and the temperamental beastboy. We knew they should be in ravens room, so we went to go check. Cyborg went in, and came out. "they're not in here." he said. Where could they be then? I saw the books in there, but not them. "beastboy?" starfire said. We ran over to his room. The door was knocked down, and there were scratches everywhere. "what happened?" robin wondered aloud. We looked out the open window, and saw scratches leading down the side. That wasn't all. Jay always wore her black and white choker. Only took it off to shower and go to sleep. But it was sitting right on the windowsill. I picked it up, and immediately felt upset. Somebody took my baby sister. we left the tower and searched the town. "okay, we have 3 titans missing and no explanation. Split up and search." robin said. I sped around the town, looking everywhere. Who took them? The hive five have a grudge against us. They could have done it. "I have spotted some thing. Something with claws." starfire said through the communicators. Robin told her to follow it, but she lost it eventually. But then cyborg found something. He located raven and jays signal. They were moving. Fast. Too fast for raven, but not fast enough for jay. We met up with cyborg. "I don't get it! They were here a second ago!" cyborg said. Robin moved a sewage cover. "no. Down there. The signals coming from underground." he said. We went into the sewer and began searching. "they've stopped. And they're close by. Come on!" cyborg said. We followed him, but didn't see them. Then I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to it, and it was a piece of lace off of jays dress. Robin found something too. It looked like the clip to ravens cloak. "oh, I wish to know that our friends are okay now, please." starfire said. Cyborg looked at his arm. "join the club. I can't even find BB's signal." he said. Robin looked at cybirg. "its not beastboy im worried about." he said. All of a sudden, a howl echoed through the sewers. "I can't locate the source!" cyborg said. "then split up!" robin ordered. We all went different ways. Where did it come from? Cyborg called us on the communicators. "I think y'all better get over here." he said. We ran to where he was. "look." he said, holding out beastboys belt. Then, we heard growling. It was closer than the howl. We followed it, and saw some thing. It's back was turned to us. Then it turned around. It had raven in its teeth by her hood, and it had jay. It had her cradled in one arm carefully, as of it was trying to keep her safe. It set raven down, and softly placed jay next to her. neither of them were awake, or moving. "attack!" robin said. Robin, cyborg, and I attacked the thing, and starfire flew over to raven and jay, to check on them. It threw cyborg into a wall, and threw robin and I into the water. It came near the girls, and starfire hands glowed, ready to attack. Cyborg tackled the monster, and it threw him to the ground. Then, everybody attacked at once. Starbolts, sonic cannon, exploding weapons, the monster was attacked with everything we had. When the smoke cleared, I gasped. "no." robin said in disbelief. In the water, was beastboy. He sat up, and looked around. "where am I? Why is everybody looking at me like that?"

*at the tower*

"they're both alright, but ravens in some kind of trance, and jay has a high temperature." cyborg stated. Raven was floating above her bed. "she's healing herself." robin said. "so is jay." I said. Cyborg gave me a confused look. "vampiric blood moves quicker when a vampire heals themself. It causes their body temperature to rise though." I explained. He nodded and turned back to the computer. "and you're telling me... I did that to them? That's impossible." beastboy said, looking down. He was obviously upset over this. "we found you with her." robin said. Beastboy looked at him. "no! I wouldnt! I mean I fought with them, but I would never..." he said. I knew he wouldn't do this on purpose. He loved jay. Even as an animal, he was treating jay carefully. "she was in your teeth..." starfire pointed out. Beastboy looked at starfire. "that's a lie!!" he snapped. Robin walked over to him. "I'm going to ask you to keep your voice DOWN." he said. Beastboy gritted his teeth, and squeezed the arms of his chair in anger. Then he stopped and looked at the floor. "what's happening to me?" he asked himself. "I'm picking up traces of recumberant DNA. It's not human." cyborg said. How could it not be- wait. "the chemicals at the lab." I said. Cyborg looked at me, then back to the screen. "because of the shape shifting, his genetic code has always been unstable. Maybe it's just... Finally falling apart." he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "they're gonna be alright, aren't they? I mean, they're not moving." beastboy said, looking over at them. He put his hands on his head. "what have I done?" he asked himself. Robin stood next to him. "you need to tell me what happened." he said. "I told you, I don't remember any of it! We had that fight, I was angry, I went to my room, my head hurt, then nothing. Claws, screams, nothing!" robin leveled his head with beastboys.

"claws and a scream isn't nothing. What else?"
"that's all."
"no, it isn't. You have to focus!"
"I am."
"you have to remember."
"I'm trying!"
"try harder! If you can't tell me what happened, I have to assume the worst! I have to put you in jail! You NEED to remember!"
"I CAN'T!!"

He groaned in pain, and his heartbeat started to go faster. "get away from me..." he warned. His clothes began to tear, and he changed into a monster. He looked at raven and jay, and started walking towards them, growling. Cyborg shot out a rope, and wrapped him in it. Tobin, starfire and I ran towards him. "beastboy, don't!" I said. He threw us against a wall. Then he threw cyborg and broke free of the rope. He walked to jay, and tried picking her up. Cyborg attacked him, then beastboy got him off and stomped on him. As star tried to attack, he threw her out the door. Robin tried, and he punched him. I jumped on his back. "beastboy, snap out of it!" I said. He stopped for a second. Then he backed up, and He slammed me into a wall. Star threw her starbolts at him, and he ran off. "guard raven and jay incase he comes back." he told starfire. Cyborg and I went after beastboy with robin. Beastboy ran along the rooftops, and jumped in the middle of a street and howled. Cyborg pulled up, and aimed his sonic cannon at him. He growled and began climbing a tower. Robin aimed his laser at him. "I'm sorry beastboy." then he fired, and hit him. He howled in pain.

*jays POV*

This must be a dream. It HAS to be a dream. Or is it real? Why can't I figure this out? Wait... I must be seeing things through Zane's eyes. There raven and I are, on the beds. What's happening to beastboy? A bright flash happened next. Then they were on the street. A monster was climbing a building, but I knew it was beastboy. robin aimed his lasers at him. "I'm sorry beastboy." then he fired. I immediately woke up. I shot up in my bed, and saw raven was up too. "beastboy..." she said, almost out of breath. "rest. He can no longer harm you." starfire assured her. I looked at star. "he didn't hurt us. He saved us." I said. Starfires eyes widened. "from what?" she asked.

*zanes POV*

We chased him into the sewers again. He was trapped near a wall. "don't. Move." robin said in a threatening tone. Beastboy snarled. "just chill, man! It doesn't have to go down like this!" cyborg said. I knew beastboy wouldn't listen, so I got ready to fight. Beastboy growled a little. "when I move, hit him with everything you've got." robin instructed. Beastboy looked behind us, and growled louder. Then cyborgs light went out. When it came back on, beastboy was locked in a struggle with a creature like him, but it was purple. "there's two of these things?!" I said surprised. What's going on?

*beastboys POV*

I knew who this was. And he was going down. He hit me, then rammed me through about 3 walls. He threw me, bit me, clawed at me, and smashed me into things. Then, he threw me through the floor, into the level below. When I hit the ground, I landed on my back, and cracked the cement. He landed next to me, and repeatedly hit me until I was nearly unconscious. I didnt move at all. I felt like giving up. I heard him howl in triumph. As he walked away, I remembered jay. Lying there in the bed, completely helpless. I got back up, and attacked him. I don't even remember what I did after that. All I know is, I beat him. I turned back to human, and groaned tiredly. I'm so exhausted. I dropped to my knees as robin, Zane, and cyborg ran around the corner. Zane and cyborg caught me before I fell, and robin walked past me. "Adonis." he said. I could hear the anger in his voice. Zane and cyborg helped me stand up. I could tell Zane was a little mad at me, but he believed me when I said I was only trying to help. He forgave me, and we all went back to the tower.

*jays POV*

I walked outside to where beastboy was. I wanted to see how he was doing. "knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man." I heard raven say. "well, maybe you should call me beast MAN from now on." beastboy said. I chuckled. "were having a moment here. Dont ruin it." raven warned. Of course, he didn't listen. "beastdude?" he suggested. Raven groaned and walked away. She passed me, and went back in the tower. I smiled, and walked over to beastboy. He was standing with his back turned to me, facing the water. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug and rested my chin on his shoulder. "honestly, beastboy sounds better than beastman." I said. He broke free of my grip, and turned around. When he saw me, he blushed. "oh, its you." he smiled at me. I chuckled, and brushed the hair behind my ear. Then his smile faded. "I was a jerk. I'm sorry." he said. I stepped closer to him. "it's okay. You might have thrown weights at my head, tried to scratch me, and acted really creepy, but I forgive you." I said. He looked at the ground. "yeah. I'm sorry for scaring you." he said. I grinned. "don't forget. You saved my life too." I said. He looked at me, and I gave him a hug. I heard him gasp softly, and I smirked. Then I felt his hands on my back, and he held me tight. "you're all snugly warm!" I joked. He laughed and I let go. I shivered a little. "it's chilly out here! Let's go inside where it's warm." I said. He grinned and held out his arms. "or you could give me another hug." he said. I giggled and grabbed his hand, taking him inside. When we got inside, I went to my room. I grabbed my sketch pad and pencil, and started doodling. Hearts skulls, clouds, suns, just a bunch of random stuff. Then I heard a knock on my door. I grinned. I threw a blanket over my head, and said "come in." the door opened. "I am the blanket demon! Lord of all that is cozy warm!" I said. I heard a little yelp and then I heard the same person laugh. Then they pulled the blanket off me. It was beastboy. "dude, that is hilarious!" he said. I smiled and took the blanket. I balled it up and tossed it on my bed. "yeah, I know." I said grinning. My back was turned to him and I ran my fingers through my hair, straightening it out. Then he wrapped his arms around me. "I really am sorry for trying to hurt you." he spoke into my ear. I got goosbumps, and touched his hand. "I know. And I already forgave you." I said. I could tell he was smiling, and he let go. I turned around, and messed up his hair. I laughed as he tried straightening it out. He smiled, and left the room. I climbed back onto my bed, and laid back, staring at the ceiling. What an interesting few days. Was it always like this?