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Back off, or I'll bite you. (another Finished teen titans lo
Story published March 14, 2012 · updated April 5, 2012 · completed · 64 pages · 839 readers · 9,666 reads
Chapter 5- how did
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Chapter 5- how did he find us?

I don't know how, but eventually, our father found us. And he was angry. Turns out in the few years we had been gone, he joined a vampire cult, that hunted other vampires. They would catch them, lock them up, and kill them later. That way, they would be the only vampires left. And we were the new targets. It was late at night. Zane and I were walking around town, and we heard the air whistle, as something came toward us. We ducked down, in time to see a wooden stake hit the wall next to us. In the shadows, we saw him. "dad?!" I said, surprised. He walked forward. "hello kids. You miss me?" he said, grinning evilly. I saw Zane clench his fists. "don't call us your kids, you murderer!" he shouted. Our dad frowned. "you shouldn't yell at your father in front of his friends." he said. His friends came out of the shadows. Zane and I were trapped in the middle of a circle of people who wanted to catch us. "you can come quietly, or we can take you by force." he threatened. I growled. "come near me. I dare you." I said. He smiled. "very well." and the fight started. We were winning. We had taken down over half of the attackers. But then, they started fighting dirty. They used holy water, and turned invisible. They used garlic and started to beat us. They knocked us to the ground. As we looked up at our father, he grinned. Then our vision blurred and it all went dark.

*beastboys POV*

Cars and buildings had been smashed near the edge of the abandoned part of town. The team and I went to investigate. "so, who are we fighting? Cinder block? Plasmus? Mammoth?" I asked. they all seemed like the type to smash stuff. "I don't know. The report just said that cars, buildings, and roads had been smashed." robin said. Then we saw some flashes run by, and around a corner. Robin told us to follow them. When we got there, a group of people we're walking away. Two of them had something over their shoulders. They looked like... People. "robin! Those are the kids I was telling you about! The ones at the park!" I whispered. I had seen them running around, and they were petting me when I was a puppy at the park today. I saw them laying on the ground and laughing, but when I pointed to them to show the team, they were gone. "come on. We have to get the prisoners back to the dungeon." one said. "are you sure nobody will try to save them?" another asked. "of course not! And if they do, these two will be dead long before they have a chance to be saved." another responded. We knew they were in trouble. "not while we're around." robin said. The men looked behind them at us, and ran. "titans, go!" robin said. We tried to get the kids back, but we never got close. Their friends blocked our path. I wasn't going to let them get away. I turned into a bird, flew over to the guys, and turned into an ant, landing on their back. Then, they ran super fast. When they stopped, we were in a cold, stone hallway. Screams filled the halls, and torches were set onto the wall in between metal doors. God only knows what's happening behind each door. Then, I fell off the guy, and lost them.

*regular POV*

When we woke up, We were in a cold stone room, behind a locked metal door. We looked at each other, and sat up. "where are we?" I asked. As if Zane knew. "I don't know. It looks like a prison." he said looking around. But I felt like it was something worse. Blood on the floor? Chains on the walls? Skeletons in the corners? I gulped. "Zane.... This isn't a prison. It's a torture chamber." I said. I shook as I heard a pained scream from down the hall. I grabbed onto Zane's arm. Then the door opened, and 2 men came in. "one of you, come with us." one said. Zane stood in front of me. "you're not taking her, or me." he said bravely. He tried punching the guard. But the guard twisted his arm. He groaned in pain. Then without a word, they dragged him out of the room. I ran to the door and it slammed in my face. "no..." I said. I knew what happened in these places. I knew he wasn't coming back. I collapsed in a corner, and sat hugging my knees, with my forehead resting on them. All my life, somebody has been there to comfort me when I was scared. Without anyone here.... I didn't know how to deal with my fear. About 7 hours later, i was still like that. I heard the door open, and I didn't bother looking up. "are you okay?" I heard a voice ask. I didn't know who it was, but they sounded familiar. I didn't look up. "hello?" it asked. It sounded like a guy. "leave me alone. Why wont you leave me alone?" I said quietly. I shook as the guy put a hand on my back. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help." he said. Should I trust him? I looked up at the person who was talking to me. It was that green kid again. "what are you doing here?" I asked. He explained how he got here. "where's your brother?" he asked me. I looked down at the ground. "they took him away..."