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Something To Believe In ~Finished~
Story published March 14, 2012 · updated December 5, 2012 · completed · 44 pages · 3,645 readers · 24,687 reads
Chapter Two: HERE!
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Chapter Two: HERE!

James has been my friend since I was born. We have been through everything together. He is the only one allowed to call me by my real name. "Oh my god! I am so sorry James. Dylan decided to be a little brat this morning and I had to get ready all over again. I also stole the HDMI cable from his X-Box 360. I am still waiting for the call from him when he figures it out. Anyways I will be there momentarily." I explained.

"You better because the teacher is just starting to take attendance now!! She found all the timers and the hamster I let loose. HURRY KATI!!!" he whispered fiercely into his phone. With that he hung up. Given the situation I only had 4 minutes till she got to my name.

I pulled into the school parking lot and ran into the building. "I'M HERE!!!" I yelled as I entered the classroom. Mrs. Trinket looked down on me from her 6'2" frame and glared at me under her coke bottle glasses.

"You are late Ms. Howell. Please report to the office and get a late slip." I looked at her and then at her computer.

"But Mrs. Trinket," I began, "you haven't even made it to the "F's" in your attendance program!" 

She looked at me and raised her voice, "Now Ms. Howell!" I looked over to James sitting in the back. 'Help', I mouthed to him. Mrs. Trinket was standing there waiting for me to leave, James got up and walked to the far corner of the room, where all the cords were for our classroom, and he unplugged every single cord. Everything in the classroom went black. Computers, lights, smart board. Everything. The emergency lights went on in the school and the principal came onto the intercom that went through the whole school.

"We are sorry for the black out. We forgot to mention that the town's power would be turned off for the remainder of the day. Just remain in your seats and your teachers shall carry on with their duties! That is all." 

Mrs. Trinket looked down on me and said, "Go to the principal's office this instant!! And take your partner in crime with you!" She walked to the back of the room and grabbed James by the back of his shirt.

James and I have been sitting in the office most of the morning waiting for our principal to show up and give us our punishment. We sat there talking to each other about our favorite game series, Legend of Zelda. Finally we heard a faint, 'click, click, click' down the hallway. "There she is." James stated. Our principal always wore high heels. I wore a pair of high heels one time; I was so fascinated on how she did it everyday. 

She walked into the office with the school's biggest player in tow. She let go of him and walked into her office. He sat down next to me. "Hey Kati!" he exclaimed. I got out of my chair and grabbed him by his shirt and pinned him to the wall.

"You do not call me that ever you putrid little worm!!" I spat in his face. He just grinned at me and winked.

"You so want this." he said. I raised my hand and balled it up into a fist. I was just about to bring it down and connect it to his face when I felt James trying to keep me from doing damage, by grabbing onto my arm.

"Kati, we have to go, Ms. Phelps is waiting for us." I let go of him and let him sink into his chair.

I got down to his eye level and pointed my finger at him, "You ever pull a stunt like you just did and I will make sure you never use your tool again. Understand Ron?" He just stared up at me and smirked. "God you make me sick!" I whispered, making my way to the principals little office. 

"Please have a seat you two." Ms. Phelps said as soon as we set foot into her office. We both took a seat and waited for her to look up at us from her computer. Finally she looked at us and smiled. "I see you two have been causing a ton of commotion this morning. A weeks suspension for the both of you!" With that she looked back down at her computer and waved us out. We got up from our seats and started out when she said, "And please send Mr. Maxwell in." I walked out of her office and looked at Ron. I hooked my thumb behind me towards her office and he got up and walked past me. As he walked by he smacked my butt and ran towards the principal's office.

I walked out of the school with James and we hopped into my dad's truck. "No vehicle for you today?" I asked him.

"Nope blew a tire on the way to work yesterday. Mind if I get a ride home?" he said to me with this innocent looking smile on his face.

"Oh I suppose so." 

Before we left I decided to check my phone to see if Dylan had tried contacting me. And boy did he ever. I looked at my phone and it showed me that he left me four texts, and seven missed calls. I called the house and he answered immediately. "Where is it Kat!? Where is the HDMI cable for my X-Box?!" he yelled.

"It's right here with me. But clean up my car and then you can get your precious HDMI cable back, okay?"

"Kat I swear to god I-----" I hung up the phone before he could complain more.

"Well where to James?" I asked.

He looked around for a moment and said, "Lets go to the movies. I hear the Lorax is out now." I turned on my truck and away we went to the cinema.

First story ever. Not the best writer in the world but i'm at least trying. :) Please don't steal!!! :D Also if you like it please comment below and tell me what you think! :D I do not own all of the pictures just some of them. <3