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The Girl Ninja (Kai Love Story)
Story published March 14, 2012 · updated July 20, 2013 · 16 pages · 1,824 readers · 9,353 reads
.... Monestary ?
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.... Monestary ?

I was flying on Demon's back over Ninjago when four other dragons appeared and flew past us, probably doing a race. I was already annoyed since my parents died over 7 years ago and I've been a loner ever sine, but even more annoyed by the fact that some weird skelatons tried to attack me. I sighed and signaled to Demon to fly towards Ninjago and land there to rest for a little bit. Before we landed, I seen four boys, probably about my age near the four dragons that past me. I guess one of the boys noticed me, cause the boy wearing red climbed the red dragon and flew towards me.
"Mimi, should we fly away?" I looked at Demon and sighed. She can talk in human english ever since I taught her and I can speak in different animal languages ever since she taught me.
"No, Demon. Let's see what the guys wants." I pulled up my jackets hoodie over my face and flew on the ground. I stepped off Demon and walked towards the three, now four since the red guys just landed, to see what they want.
"Ummm. Hi! I'm Mimi. Nice to meet ya."
"I'm Jay. The blue ninja of lightning."
"I'm Cole. The black ninja of earth."
"Hello. I'm Zane, the white ninja of water and ice. It is a pleasure to meet you."
"And I'm Kai. Nice to see ya. Are ya new around here?"
"No, I'm just traveling a lot and I tend to not stay at a place for a long time." I seen their clothing and they had the same uniform in different colors and the dragon was shooting different elements. I smiled and whistled to Demon for her to shrink.
"WOAH! Your dragon can shrink ?!" They all crowded me and Demon, who leaped into my arms and tried to hide, asking me questions and stuff.
"HEY! Back off!! God! Ok one, my dragon's name is Demon and yes, SHE can shrink down whenever. Two, since all of you are being honest with me, I'll be honest with you. I'm the purple ninja of all the elements." They looked at me like I was lying, so I showed them a few moves from different elements they all looked at me like ':OO' and I laughed at them. "Told ya! I wasn't lying!" We alll went towards someplace I didn't know, since the put a cloth over my eyes.
"Ok guys. Where am I?"
"We're at....."
"MEGA MONSTER AMUSMENT PARK !!!" I yanked off the cloth and seen a fair like thing.
"Thanks guys, but I'm really tired from traveling and I really want some sleep."
"Oh. Ok. We can come back another time." Said Kai. I smiled and Demon grew into her original size. Before I climbed her back, Cole grabs my arm and tells me,
"Hey, Mimi. We wanted to know if you wanna head back to the monestary with us. You know a place to hang out, sleep, train, eat and.. yeah. Well?" I looked at Demon, who was making googely eyes at the red dragon, and sighed.
"Sure, but I gotta ask."
"Sure. Ask away."
"What's a monestary? It sounds like its an orpanage, and I don't do those."
"Its not. Come on, we'll show you."
"Cool. Come one Demon, let me on."
We went to a different part of ninjago and talked.
"Demon. You are my dragon so let me ride on you."
"Aww! Come on, Mimi! Let me fly alone just this once so I can talk with Flame without you teasing me!"
"Who's Flame?"
"Kai's dragon! Pleaseeeee!!!" I sighed.
"Fine. But only this once."
"YAY! Thank you! I love you!!" I sighed very annoyed.
"Your welcome, but now how am I supossed to get to the monestary?!"
"You could ask one of the guys to give you a lift."
"Fine." We walked back to the guys and I laughed sheepishly, while rubbing the back of my head.
"Uhh... guys? Demon can't carry me to the monestary since she doesn't feel so good, so is it ok if I ride with one of you guys? Hehe."
"Sure, Mimi. Hop on Flame. Just hold on, though." I climbed on Flame behind Kai and put my arms around his waist.
"Thanks, Kai."
"Your welcome. Let's go, guys. I bet Nya will be happy that there's another girl at the monestary." And with that, we flew off to the monestary.

(Well, since I noticed that there wasn't a story for ninjago, I created one and I hope you like it. umm.... I'll need at least 1 comment to continue)

A/N: the dragon at the top is Demon